Inattentional Blindness

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MIT Press, 1998 - Psychology - 273 pages
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Many people believe that merely by opening their eyes, they see everything in theirfield of view; in fact, a line of psychological research has been taken as evidence of the existenceof so-called preattentional perception. In Inattentional Blindness, Arien Mackand Irvin Rock make the radical claim that there is no such thing -- that there is no consciousperception of the visual world without attention to it.

The authors present anarrative chronicle of their research. Thus, the reader follows the trail that led to the finalconclusions, learning why initial hypotheses and explanations were discarded or revised, and how newquestions arose along the way. The phenomenon of inattentional blindness has theoretical importancefor cognitive psychologists studying perception, attention, and consciousness, as well as forphilosophers and neuroscientists interested in the problem of consciousness.

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Review: Inattentional Blindness (Cognitive Psychology)

User Review  - Erica - Goodreads

This book was perfect for what I bought it for. Read full review

Review: Inattentional Blindness (Cognitive Psychology)

User Review  - TK Keanini - Goodreads

I learned about this book from Temple Grandin's "Animals in Translation". I am always trying to answer the question "How do we not see, what we do not see?" This book is filled with important findings in the area of human understanding. Read full review

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About the author (1998)

Arien Mack is Professor of Psychology at the New School for Social Research, editor of the journal Social Research, and editor of In Time of Plague: The History and Social Consequences of Lethal Epidemic Disease, also published by NYU Press.