Archaeologia cambrensis: a record of the antiquities of Wales and its marches, and the journal of the Cambrian Archæological Association. Supplement, 1850 (Google eBook)

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W. Pickering, 1851 - Wales - 180 pages
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Page 151 - It is thy scabbard that hath rusted thy sword, give it to me that I may take out the wooden sides of it and put in new ones." And he took the scabbard from him, and the sword in the other hand. And he came and stood over against the Giant, as if he would have put the sword into the scabbard; and with it he struck at the head of the Giant, and cut off his head at one blow. Then they despoiled the castle, and took from...
Page 150 - I approached the castle, and there I beheld two youths with yellow curling hair, each with a frontlet of gold upon his head, and clad in a garment of yellow satin; and they had gold clasps upon their insteps.
Page 159 - And the fourth six took off my soiled garments, and placed others upon me, namely, an under vest and a doublet of fine linen, and a robe and a surcoat, and a mantle of yellow satin, with a broad gold band upon the mantle. And they placed cushions both beneath and around me, with coverings of red linen. And I sat down. Now the six maidens who had taken my horse unharnessed him as well as if they had been the best squires in the island of Britain. "Then behold they brought bowls of silver, wherein...
Page 162 - The spears were mustered — the piercing lances, The glittering breastplates, and the swords. The chieftain would penetrate through the host ; Five battalions fell before his blade. Rhuvawn Hir — he gave gold to the altar, And gifts and precious jewels to the...
Page 13 - The three Dreadful Pestilences of the Isle of Britain. First, the pestilence from the carcases of the Gwyddelians, who were slain in Manuba, after they had oppressed the country of Gwynedd for twentynine years. Second, the pestilence of the Yellow Plague of Rhos, and which originated from the carcases of the slain ; and whoever went within reach of the effluvia fell dead immediately. And the third was the pestilence of the Bloody Sweat, in consequence of the corn having been injured by wet weather...
Page 130 - Bring him here to visit me to-morrow," said the countess, "and I will cause the town to be assembled by that time." And Luned returned home. And the next day, at noon, Owain arrayed himself in a coat and a surcoat, and a mantle of yellow satin, upon which was a broad band of gold lace; and on his feet were high shoes of variegated leather, which were fastened by golden clasps, in the form of lions. And they proceeded to the chamber of the countess. Right glad was the countess of their coming. And...
Page 166 - ... came forth from a bright yellow tent, upon the summit of which was the figure of a bright red lion. And he was clad in a coat of yellow satin, falling as low as the small of his leg, and embroidered with threads of red silk. And on his feet were hose of fine white buckram, and buskins of black leather were over his hose, whereon were golden clasps. And in his hand a huge, heavy, three-edged sword, with a scabbard of red deer-hide, tipped with gold.
Page 144 - Three Makers of Golden Shoes, of the Isle of Britain : Caswallawn the son of Beli, when he went as far as...
Page 146 - Verily," said Owain the son of Urien to Kai, "thou wert ill-advised, when thou didst send that madman after the knight. For one of two things must befall him. He must either be overthrown, or slain. If he is overthrown by the knight, he will be counted...
Page 128 - The Axe is the symbol of science and of its improvement; and the bards of Glamorgan bear it through privilege of the Chair. And the Axe has privilege ; viz., the person who bears it by warrant of the judgment of the Chair, is authorized to shew improvement in knowledge and science before the Chair and Gorsedd, and he has precedence in that, and his word is warranted.

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