MOONWALKING WITH EINSTEIN: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

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In his first book, freelance journalist Foer recounts his adventures in preparing for the U.S. Memory Championship, investigating both the nature of memory and why the act of memorization still matters. For much of human history, remembering was the key to retaining accumulated knowledge and wisdom. The invention of printing sparked the development of "externalized memory," which has been greatly ... Read full review

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Some interesting information about how the mind work and a decent story. Started to lose my interest a little towards the middle/end, but picked back up shortly after to finish the book strong.

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Heard Joshua Foer's interview on Guardian Science podcast. What a stunt! Was interesting to peer into the lives of mental athletes. The best part was learning so much about memory and the history and timeline of memory and recall abilities. And the case studies were interesting too. I like reading 'science' books authored by journalists - well-researched, multi-domentional, engaging narrative with a good dollop of humour. 

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Moonwalking with Einstein
This is an absolutely mind blowing read.

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I became interested in mnemonics after reading Alexander Luria's "Mind of a Mnemonist" (that I also highly recommend). This book touches on that book, so reading the two simultaneously would enhance understanding of the topic.

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This was really an excellent book that shed much light on memory and how it is that some people can perform seemingly impossible feats of recollections. The experience of the author as he starts his journey writing about a memory competition for publication, to competing in one is fascinating. The techniques discussed in this book used by the memory masters are attainable by most willing to put in the effort. I, for one, and going to start using these techniques to improve my recollection abilities. This book isn't just about techniques for enhanced memory, the author does a very good job of documenting the history of memory from antiquity when knowledge was passed along orally to the present when most knowledge is stored externally. I highly recommend this book. 

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Amazing book... Will update review when I have time but this seems to be the only way to give a 5 star rating!!!

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It was a fun book to read. I didn't know about the existence of such interesting memory techniques. However, this is definitely not a guide on how to memorize at all. I see it more like an introduction to the art of memorization. Just something to get you started.

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Very well written and very interesting account of Mr. Foer's experience with the world of memory training. It held my attention fantastically and I found myself loathing the thought of putting it down. Even though this is not meant to be a self help book, I couldn't help but try some of techniques Mr. Foer was using to practice for the U.S. championships, and, even with only a half-baked effort, the results were fascinating. It certainly changed my perception of what the human mind is capable of. Thank you Mr. Foer for an excellent book. 

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Very interesting book. It's not a self-help book or a step by step guide to improving your memory, but gives a fascinating insight into how our memory works. Read full review

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