Solving Nonlinear Equations with Newton's Method

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SIAM, 2003 - 104 strani
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This brief book on Newton's method is a user-oriented guide to algorithms and implementation. In just over 100 pages, it shows, via algorithms in pseudocode, in MATLAB, and with several examples, how one can choose an appropriate Newton-type method for a given problem, diagnose problems, and write an efficient solver or apply one written by others. Solving Nonlinear Equations with Newton's Method contains trouble-shooting guides to the major algorithms, their most common failure modes, and the likely causes of failure. It also includes many worked-out examples (available on the SIAM website) in pseudocode and a collection of MATLAB codes, allowing readers to experiment with the algorithms easily and implement them in other languages.

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Finding the Newton Step with Gaussian Elimination
Newton Krylov Methods
Broydens Method

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C.T. Kelley is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Center for Research in Scientific Computation at North Carolina State University. He is a member of the editorial board of the SIAM Journal on Optimization, and the SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis and is the author of over 100 papers and proceedings articles on numerical and computational mathematics.

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