Gaston de Blondeville: Or, The Court of Henry III ... A Romance ... (Google eBook)

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H. C. Carey and I. Lean, 1826 - Great Britain
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Page 50 - The introduction of Christianity amongst our ancestors did not at all contribute to the abolition of the practice of wasselling. On the contrary, it began to assume a kind of religious aspect ; and the...
Page 17 - ... towards the one side of the hall. " The second pageant was a shippe, likewise sett uppon wheels, without any leaders in sight: the same was in right goodly apparel, having her masts, toppes sayles, tackling, and all other appertyenances necessary unto a seemely...
Page 32 - Whose smile is shaded soft with woe; And ye, who holy joy can know, The glow beyond all other glow,— Ye, whose high spirit dares to dwell Beyond the reach of earthly spell,. And tread upon the dizzy verge Of unknown worlds; or downward urge, Through ages dim, your steadfast sight, And trace their shapes of shadowed light, O come " with meek submitted thought," With lifted eye, by Rapture taught, And o'er your head the gloom shall rise Of monkish chambers, still and wide, As once they stood; and...
Page 30 - Kings and heroes here were guests In stately halls, at solemn feasts. But now, nor dais, nor halls remain ; Nor fretted window's gorgeous pane Twilight illuminated throws Where once the high-served banquet rose. VII. No fragment of a roof remains To echo back their wassail strains ; But the long aisles, whose holy gloom Still mourns and veils the martyr's tomb. The broad grey tower, the turrets wide, Scattered o'er tower and transept, guide The distant traveller to their throne, Where they high-seated...
Page 46 - Where the raised platform, near the BAY, Served well for stage. That oriel gay Rose with light leaves and columns tall, Mid roial glass and fretwork small ; While tripod lamps from the coved roof Showed well each painted mask aloof, Lanfranc and Saxon Edward there, Watching the scene they once could share.
Page 62 - Cromwell said not truth, but that he was beginner of all that journey at St. Alban's: and so between my said two lords of Warwick and Cromwell there is at this day great grudging, insomuch as the earl of Shrewsbury hath lodged him at the hospital of St. James beside the mews, by the lord Cromwell's desire, for his safeguard.
Page 41 - Kings and heroes here mere guests. — p. 98. In the prosperous days of the Abbey, several apartments were built exclusively for the use of strangers. These adjoined the Cloisters. Beyond them, in a separate range of buildings, were the King's and Queen's apartments. Notwithstanding this preparation for visitors and these indirect invitations, it seems from Matthew Paris, that some of the earlier Kings came too often, or, at least, with too cumbrous suites. In still earlier times, for the purpose...
Page 17 - There were within the same castle, disguised, viii goodly and fresh ladyes looking out of the windowes of the same. In the foure corners of this castle were iiij children, that is to say, in every square of the castell one, sett and appearing above the height of it. In every of these turretts was a little childe apparelled like a maiden ; and all the four children sang most sweetly and harmoniously...
Page 170 - Sighs forth a fear for the poor mariner. He, meanwhile, hears the sound o'er waters wide ; Lashed to the mast, he hears, and thinks of home. O bird! lend me thy wings, That swifter than the blast I may out-fly Danger, and from yon port the life-boat call. And see ! e'-en now the guardian bark rides o'er The mountain-billows, and descends through chasms Where lurks Destruction eager for his prey, With eyes of flashing fire and foamy jaws. He, by strange storm-lights shown, uplifts his head, And, from...
Page 12 - I told him I had a letter for the King. The Earl then demanded the letter of me, which I told him I could deliver to none but the King himself: upon which the King said, — ' The esquire is in the right ; -for he ought not to deliver any letter or message to...

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