Sacred Vow

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Dragon's Beard Publishing, Apr 19, 2006 - Fiction
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The most significant event of your life calls to you from barely beyond your perception . . . both imminent and impossible.
A countless number of alternate/parallel realities exist in the very space before our eyes. Many of these alternate realities are unaware of each other, but inhabitants in some are not only aware, but interact with alternate realities for the good of the whole. It is possible for the proper combination of energetic interactions to open up our perceptions of these alternate lives/worlds.
Ian Sarin, a computer programmer with a strong drawing toward the intuitive, finds that he has opened such a portal. He realizes that he has not accidentally achieved this expanded reality perception. Not only is he aware of and interacting with a parallel world, but the woman he visits with, Katerina, is a member of a culture structured around a monastic order of mystical women, the Sisterhood. Members of this order are highly attuned to the needs of universe they live in and have historically assisted in healing a periodic rift in the Collective Consciousness "A breach that threatens us all." Since antiquity, when called by the Collective, the Sisterhood has performed a ritual to bring together two individuals from disparate realities but of one spirit, a member of their order and a second person who has received a chosen message from the Collective. Unaware of any such communication, Ian is that second individual at this time in history.
Sacred Vow is a journey toward our one true love . . . in its infinite expressions.

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