Biography of the Hon. W. H. Merritt, M. P.: Of Lincoln, District of Niagara, Including an Account of the Origin, Progress and Completion of Some of the Most Important Public Works in Canada (Google eBook)

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E. S. Leavenworth, book and job printing establishment, 1875 - Businessmen Ontario Biography - 429 pages
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Page 366 - Britain, when other than colonists are the applicants ; crippled, therefore, and checked in the full career of private and public enterprise, this possession of the British Crown our country stands before the world in humiliating contrast with its immediate neighbours, exhibiting every symptom of a nation fast sinking to decay.
Page 218 - I, AB , do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to her Majesty, Queen Victoria...
Page 146 - For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance : but from him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away.
Page 202 - The Queen's Government have no desire to thwart the Representative Assemblies of British North America in their measures of reform & improvement. They have no wish to make those Provinces the resource for patronage at home.
Page 206 - The experiment of keeping colonies and governing them well, ought, at least, to have a trial, ere we abandon for ever the vast dominion which might supply the wants of our surplus population, and raise up millions of fresh consumers of our manufactures, and producers of a supply for our wants.
Page 367 - The markets of the sister provinces would not benefit our trade in timber, for they have a surplus of that article in their own forests ; and their demand for agricultural products would be too limited to absorb our means of supply. Nor could Canada expect any encouragement to her manufacturing industry from those...
Page 367 - The protection of home manufactures.' Although this might encourage the growth of a manufacturing interest in Canada, yet, without access to the United States market, there would not be a sufficient expansion of that interest, from the want of consumers, to work any result that could be admitted as a 'remedy' for the numerous evils of which we complain. 3. 'A Federal Union of the British American Provinces.
Page 339 - Canada; you will keep close and secret all such matters as shall be treated, debated, and resolved on in privy council, without publishing or disclosing the same or any part thereof, by word, writing, or any otherwise to any person out of the same council, but to such only as be of the council...
Page 366 - Government is cumbrous and so expensive as to be ill suited to the circumstances of the country; and the necessary reference it demands to a distant Government, imperfectly acquainted with Canadian affairs, and somewhat indifferent to our interests, is anomalous and irksome. Yet, in the event of a rupture between two of the most powerful nations of the world, Canada would become the battle-field and the sufferer, however little her interests might be involved in the cause of quarrel or the issue...
Page 366 - In the meanwhile, serious injury results to Canada from the effect of this anticipation upon the more desirable class of settlers, who naturally prefer a country under fixed and permanent forms of government to one in a state of transition. Having thus adverted to some of the causes of our present evils, we would consider how far the remedies ordinarily proposed possess sound and rational inducements to justify their adoption : 1. 'The revival of protection in the markets of the United Kingdom.

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