The Decennial Publications of the University of Chicago (Google eBook)

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University of Chicago Press, 1908
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This quite simply is not the right book. It is a President's Report for the University of Chicago. I would love to see the actual book. The only other version is also not the book, but an abridged version found in part of a larger collection.

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Page 503 - BROWNING, citizens of the United States, propose to form a Corporation under an act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, entitled "An Act Concerning Corporations...
Page 503 - Secretary of State of the State of Illinois, by virtue of the powers and duties vested in me by law, do hereby certify that the said "The University of Chicago" is a legally organized Corporation under the laws of this State.
Page 314 - To provide instruction for those who for social or economic reasons cannot attend in its classrooms is a legitimate part of the work of every University. To make no effort in this direction is to neglect a promising opportunity for building up the University itself, and at the same time to fall short of performing a duty which from the very necessities of the case is incumbent upon the University.
Page 505 - Directors, who are to be elected annually. 4. The following persons are hereby selected as the Directors to control and manage said Corporation for the first year of its corporate existence, viz.
Page 498 - May 15, 1889. REV. FRED T. GATES, Corresponding Secretary American Baptist Education Society. My Dear Sir: I will contribute six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000) toward an endowment fund for a college to be established at Chicago...
Page xxi - Resolved: (1) That the principle of complete freedom of speech on all subjects has from the beginning been regarded as fundamental in the University of Chicago, as has been shown both by the attitude of the President and the Board of Trustees and by the actual practice of the President and the professors. " (2) That this principle can neither now nor at any future time be called in question.
Page 541 - America, in which, in a friendly, temperate, conciliatory way, and in the fraternal spirit which pervaded the Parliament of Religions, the great questions of the truths of Christianity, its harmonies with the truths of other religions, its rightful claims and the best methods of setting them forth, should be presented to the scholarly and thoughtful people of India. It is my purpose to identify this work, which, I believe, will be a work of enlightenment and fraternity, with the University Extension...
Page xciv - Board of Trustees was entirely unanimous. From the point of view of the student, the following considerations have had influence in determining this action: (1) The fact, very generally recognized, that no important step is taken at the end of the preparatory course. The work of the Freshman and Sophomore years in most colleges differs little in content and in method from that of the last year of the academy or high school...
Page 503 - ASSOCIATION. is a legally organized Corporation under the laws of this State. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I hereto set my hand and cause to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Illinois.
Page 504 - ... solicited and have been and are being made upon the conditions last named, this charter shall not be amended or changed at any time hereafter so as to abrogate or modify the qualifications of two-thirds of the trustees and the president above mentioned, but in this particular this charter shall be forever unalterable. No other test or particular religious profession shall ever be held as a requisite for election to said board, or for admission to said university, or to any department belonging...

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