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I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. It took extra thinking to process what was going on but I loved the storyline. I’m happy that Oliver’s story ended happily. I think that this story can open people’s eyes to what they have. I do think it was too easy that it was Mr. Brownlow that the boys randomly selected to steal from. Also, it was easy that they randomly decided to steal from the Maylies. They somehow chose to steal from Oliver’s family members. That is one thing that could have been written differently, in my opinion. Also, I noticed when I read the book that Dickens referred to Fagin as “a Jew”, or “the Old Jew” several times in the story. This doesn’t offend me personally, but I could see where Jews might be offended. It seems that Dickens is labeling Jews as villains. Overall, I think that the book was really thought out and written well. The details were very descriptive. Sometimes I felt like it was too descriptive, but I don’t really think that is a negative. I enjoyed the book and I think it was worth reading. 

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poor boy .i feel very bad for oliver twist for he was called as an orphan.

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well it was a great book, i love this book so much and i read it everyday.

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I simply love Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens - no other book by Mr Dickens has quite inspired so many and felt such far reach. Today this littarary work has inspired Rappers to beverages with the introduction of Oliver Twist Londond Distilled Gin ( ).
Personally I would order the printed version of this book ... Put on your dressing gown and slippers and snuggle every night infront of the fire to a couple of chapters. This book really will educate out the Dickensian period and entertain at the same time.

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Ah a classic!
Though I usually don't like Charles Dickens's style of writing, oliver twist is my favorite! There are very few misspellings that I recall, so enjoying this book was easy :3 I recommend for all book lovers! (p.s. Oliver is so sweet!)

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