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In this bad version of a bad idea, the richly developed classic novel has been squeezed into the picture-book format. Resembling the bald summary of an opera plot, the story in its reduced state is all but a clichÇ: An orphaned girl finds a neglected garden and a neglected cousin and restores them both with the aid of the housemaid's young brother. Collier's full-color paintings take advantage of ... Read full review

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The Secret Garden
By Frances Burnette
The Secret Garden is a fantasy book about a lonely girl named Mary Lenox. Her parents died from an earthquake in India, so her sad and stubborn Uncle Archibald decides to take her in. Why is her Uncle always so stubborn and sad? While Mary is living in the the mansion she stumbles across some things that have been kept secret in the manor. At night Mary keeps hearing crying coming from somewhere in the manor. One night Mary decides to see where the crying is coming from. She finds a room and in it there is a boy crying and having a tantrum. It turns out that the boy is her cousin Collin. Collin stays in the room because everyone thinks he is sick and can’t walk. How does Mary figure out the way to Collin’s room when the manor has over 100 rooms? Since Mary doesn’t have anyone to play with she wanders around the manor and outside in the yard. In the manor Mary finds a key but doesn’t know what it belongs to. When she is outside one day she finds and old locked up Secret Garden and knows that the key will open it. Mary goes to the Garden everyday and begins to bring it back to life with the help of her friend Dickon. As Mary begins to bring the garden back to life she also begins to change the lives of everyone in the Manor. Mary, Collin and Uncle Archibald become a better and happier family because of Mary’s persistance, playfulness and charm. The Secret Garden is a delightful tale of curiosity, enchancement,friendship and family.
This is Jordan from the Fast and Furious.

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this book is great

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The secret garden,Ah! the name brings me so much joy.The first time i read it,i was ten. I just cant move away from the book once i start reading.The best book ever written is The secret garden!

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