The Credit Union World: Theory, Process, Practice-- : Cases & Application

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AuthorHouse, Nov 1, 2006 - Business & Economics - 223 pages
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After a quarter century of serving in the credit union movement-industry by this author, this book is more comprehensive than his first book on credit unions in 1994-THE CREDIT UNION DIRECTOR: Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities. This work examines the milieu of the credit union world as related to current theory, process, and practice. In addition, fictional, composite cases provide the reader with the opportunity, through the application process, to analyze the performance and behavior of fictional credit unions and that of the reader's credit union by using the case analysis approach.

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I was excited when I first encountered this book; "Finally," I thought to myself, "a good modern credit unionist primer." Unfortunately, I found that it was lacking in both complexity and depth, and presented modern credit unions as entities to be managed in the same manner as any business. I would have appreciated an in-depth analysis of the fundamental organizational differences created by a co-op structure, and a look at the ways in which it can be leveraged for decisive advantage over for-profit institutions (network marketing, human capital leverage, etc.). If you're into credit unions, I'd still recommend reading this, if only to understand the mindset of the conservative wing of the contemporary "movement" (as well as due to the fact that it is a stop-gap in the unfortunate dearth of modern Credit Union literature). For a real in-depth look that gives a far better feel for the development, structural intricacies, and problems facing credit unionism, I'd supplement this with a gander at The Strategic Development of Credit Unions by Ferguson and McKillop... 

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Introduction and Historical Perspectives
Influences of Process and Practice
Banking and Credit Union Movement Industries
Credit Union Leadership and Management
Strategic Thinking and Planning
Credit Union Governance
Member Relationship Management MRM
Credit Union Training and Development
Products and Services
Human Resources Management HRM
Credit Union Operations
Credit Union Service Organizations CUSOs
The Future of Credit Unions

Marketing of Credit Union Products and Services

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THE CREDIT UNION WORLD: Theory, Process, Practice--Cases & Application
THE CREDIT UNION WORLD: Theory, Process, PracticeŚCases & Application. "Credit union board members and executives will want to put this book on their ... BookStore/ ItemDetail~bookid~41726.aspx

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THE CREDIT UNION WORLD: Theory, Process, Practice--Cases & Application About the Book. After a quarter century of serving in the credit union ... bookdetail.aspx?BookID=41726

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