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Hamlet is the best work of William Shakespeare. It is a true history of Europe a long ago. Hamlet is a character who takes revenge from his uncle Claudius. Queen has betrayed her husband who supposed to be the father of Hamlet also she poured a poison in his ears. The ghost of that Hamlet meets the prince Hamlet & he suggests Hamlet to take revenge from his uncle. He listens this & arranges a dumb show. Then the king & Polonius are killed by Hamlet also he was killed in a quarrel. This is the summary of Hamlet. It has been translated & acted in major Indian languages. I think Shakespeare gives more than hundred new words to English from this work. The dramatic language is excellent & Shakespeare has made this work in later in his life. It's performance was seen in 18th century in Europe. Shakespeare was himself an actor. This is my favorite play & everybody needs to read & enjoy it.  

Review: Hamlet

User Review  - Will Parkinson - Goodreads

Yoko Ono once said "Count all the words in the book instead of reading them." I know neither the context nor why one would do that, but I hope "the book" she is referring to isn't this one. Not that ... Read full review

Review: Hamlet

User Review  - Nicole - Goodreads

Hamlet is one of Shakespare's stories that I loved to read. I love the intricate personality of Hamlet and how he deals with the situation. The insults are so well thought out that I had to read it ... Read full review

Review: Hamlet

User Review  - Ruthven - Goodreads

After being told I should read this in high school, of course I didn't read it. I only learned Hamlet's famous soliloquy from Act III (the minimum requirement for the good grade I wanted), and called ... Read full review

Review: Hamlet

User Review  - Becca - Goodreads

This is hands-down my favorite Shakespeare piece. I may love all of his works, but this one will always top the list. Read full review

Review: Hamlet

User Review  - h - Goodreads

15 June 2014: reread for a seminar. aside from the bits that get trotted out by pop culture all the time, there is some seriously crazy shit in this play. that i must willfully forget between readings ... Read full review

Review: Hamlet

User Review  - Aidan Watson-Morris - Goodreads

turgid, overwritten &, in parts, obscene. Read full review

Review: Hamlet

User Review  - dameolga - Goodreads

I read this during middle school, so the full meaning of this play escapes me. However, the story was still interesting and wonderfully twisted. Of course, the battle scenes and deaths were extremely ... Read full review

Review: Hamlet

User Review  - emm - Goodreads

My favorite Shakespeare play of all time. I love the madness that became of Hamlet. I look forward to re-reading this again in a couple of years... Read full review

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