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Page 245 - We state Fichte's character, as it is known and admitted by men of all parties among the Germans, when we say that so robust an intellect, a soul so calm, so lofty, massive, and immovable, has not mingled in philosophical discussion since the time of Luther.
Page 240 - The Log Cabin ; or the World before you. By the Author of " Three Experiments of Living," "Sketches of the Old Painters.
Page 236 - Whoever reads these volumes without any reference to the German, must be pleased with the easy, perspicuous, idiomatic, and harmonious force of the English style. But he will be still more satisfied when, on turning to the original, he finds that the rendering is word for word, thought for thought, and sentence for sentence. In preparing so beautiful a rendering as the present, the difficulties can have been neither few nor small in the way of preserving...
Page 248 - He has an intellect vehement, rugged, irresistible; crushing in pieces the hardest problems ; piercing into the most hidden combinations of things, and grasping the most distant: an imagination vague, sombre, splendid, or appalling; brooding over the abysses of Being ; wandering through Infinitude, and summoning before us, in its dim religious light, shapes of brilliancy, solemnity, or terror : a fancy of exuberance literally unexampled...
Page 238 - ... vibrate, will make the ears more than tingle. "We are living in an age which deals in broad and exhaustive theories ; which requires a system that will account for everything, and assigns to every fact a place, and that no forced one, in the vast economy of things. Whatever defects Mr. Parker's view may have, it meets these requisites. It is large enough, and promising enough ; it is not afraid of history. It puts forth claims ; it is an articulately speaking voice. It deals neither in compromise...
Page 251 - All lovers of literature will read Mr. Emerson's new volume, as the most of them have read his former one ; and if correct taste, and sober views of life, and such ideas on the higher subjects of thought as we have been accustomed to account as truths, are sometimes outraged, we at least meet at every step with originality, imagination, and eloquence." Inquirer.
Page 243 - Catholicism at least in form and with but a partial success; an attempt will now be made to restore the word Catholic to its primitive significance, in its application to this Series, and to realize the idea of Catholicism in SPIRIT.
Page 245 - ON THE NATURE OF THE SCHOLAR, AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German by William Smith.
Page 248 - The Life of Jean Paul Fr. Richter. Compiled from various sources. Together with his Autobiography. Translated from the German. 2 vols.
Page 250 - This is a book which demands and deserves study. Either to translate or to appreciate it requires a somewhat peculiar turn of mind. Not that any body could read it without profit, but to gain from it all that it is capable ol yielding, there must be some aptitude for such studies, and some training in them too To be appreciated it must be studied, and the study will be well repaid.

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