The Non-dramatic Works of Thomas Dekker: In Five Volumes, Volume 5 (Google eBook)

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private circulation only, 1886
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Page 280 - (where this herb grows), where neither myself, nor a dozen gentlemen more of my knowledge, have received the taste of any other nutriment in the world, for the space of one and twenty weeks, but the fume of this simple only. Therefore, it cannot be but 'tis most divine.'—
Page 246 - Call forth Nathaniel, Joseph, —and the rest; let their heads be sleekly combed, their blue coats brushed.'—Taming of the Shrew, Act . iv. sc. 2. The habit of the parish beadle was likewise blue, and the strumpet always did penance in a blue gown. Blue, in
Page 270 - of Windsor, Act ii., sc. 2, tells Falstaff: ' Sir John, there's one Master Brook below would fain speak with you ; and hath sent your worship a morning's draught of sack.' And Mr. Steevens informs us, that the waiters kept sugar ready put
Page 276 - Sometimes she gallops o'er a courtier's nose, And then dreams he of smelling out a suit.
Page 142 - fhentleman porne, and did twinckle, twinckle, twinckle out a crie vpon welfh harpe; and tis knowne Tauie loue Miftrefs Perfabe, as Sir Owen loues Gwenthyan : will her haue Sir Owen now ? Far. Faith, widdow, take him. Sir Owen is a tall man, I can tell you. Sir Ow. Tall man, as Cod vdge
Page 280 - Sir, believe me. upon my relation ; for what I tell you the world shall not reprove. I have been in the
Page 272 - Plague him; set him beneath the salt; and let him not touch a bit, till every one has had his full cut.
Page 135 - fcuruie prid[e], fcorne al fchollers and reade no bookes but a looking-glafle, and fpeake no language but fweet Lady, and fweet Signior, and chew between their teeth terrible words, as though they would coniure, as complement, and proiects, and
Page xv - Shaa. (p. 167). 2. Receivd in earnest of patient Grissell, by us, Tho. Dekker, Hen. Chettle, and Willm. Hawton, the summe of 3" of good and lawfull money, by a note sent from Mr. Robt. Shaa, the
Page 174 - Sir Ow. Adologo whee Gwenthyan bethogh, en Thonigh en moyen due. Gwe. Ne vetho en Thonigh gna wathe gethla Tee : hang Gwenthyans ? Sir Ow. Sir Owen fhall fay no more hang her felfe: be out a cry ftill, and her fhall pye her new card

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