Robert Browning's Poetical Works: The ring and the book (Google eBook)

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Smith, Elder, & Company, 1889
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Page 241 - In marriage ; they are man and wife at once When the true time is : here we have to wait Not so long neither ! Could we by a wish Have what we will and get the future now, Would we wish aught done undone in the past...
Page 239 - The day-star stopped its task that makes night morn! 0 lover of my life, O soldier-saint, No work begun shall ever pause for death! Love will be helpful to me more and more I' the coming course, the new path I must tread, My weak hand in thy strong hand, strong for that!
Page 165 - Should study passion; how else cure mankind, Who come for help in passionate extremes?
Page 240 - He is a priest ; He cannot marry therefore, which is right : I think he would not marry if he could. Marriage on earth seems such a counterfeit, Mere imitation of the inimitable : In heaven we have the real and true and sure.
Page 120 - I paced the city: it was the first Spring. By the invasion I lay passive to, In rushed new things, the old were rapt away; Alike abolished - the imprisonment Of the outside air, the inside weight o' the world That pulled me down. Death meant, to spurn the ground, Soar to the sky, - die well and you do that. The very immolation made the bliss; Death was the heart of life, and all the harm...
Page 216 - When, what, first thing at daybreak, pierced the sleep With a summons to me ? Up I sprang alive. Light in me, light without me, everywhere Change! A broad yellow sunbeam was let fall From heaven to earth, a sudden drawbridge lay, Along which marched a myriad merry motes, Mocking the flies that crossed them and recrossed In rival dance, companions new-born too.
Page 240 - Be as the angels rather, who, apart, Know themselves into one, are found at length Married, but marry never, no, nor give In marriage; they are man and wife at once When the true time is: here we have to wait Not so long neither!
Page 117 - You would die for me :' I can believe it now: For now the dream gets to involve yourself. First of all, you seemed wicked and not good, In writing me those letters; you came in Like a thief upon me.
Page 166 - To have to do with nothing but the true, The good, the eternal and these, not alone In the main current of the general life, But small experiences of every day, Concerns of the particular hearth and home: To learn not only by a comet's rush But a rose's birth, not by the grandeur, God But the comfort, Christ.
Page 234 - There I lay, then, all my great fortnight long, As if it would continue, broaden out Happily more and more, and lead to heaven: Christmas before me, was not that a chance ? I never realized God's birth before How he grew likest God in being born.

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