Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Volume 80 (Google eBook)

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Reeve Brothers, 1854 - Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
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Page 4779 - was slaying the Philistines, or Paris running away with Helen, or .¿Eneas carrying off good Pater Anchises upon his filial shoulders. And this may very well be true if it does not grow above two inches in diameter in twenty years, which we believe to be the fact. At all events we have obtained the plant.
Page 4777 - we are not in Europe. I have repeatedly measured specimens of this tree 270 feet long, and 32 feet round, at three feet above the ground. Some few I saw upwards of 300 feet high, but none in which the thickness was greater than those I have
Page 4779 - What a tree is this ! of what portentous aspect, and almost fabulous antiquity ! They say that the specimen felled at the junction of the Stanislau and San Antonio was above 3000 years old ; that is to say, it must have been a little plant when
Page 4774 - had no little difficulty in framing specific characters that shall clearly distinguish the two. On first aspect there is as much difference between them as there is between the Cephalotaxus Fortuni
Page 4778 - (Taxodium) sempervirens ; some are solitary, some are in pairs, while some, and not unfrequently, stand three and four together. A tree recently felled measured about 300 feet in length, with a diameter, including bark, 29 feet 2 inches, at five feet from the ground ; at eighteen feet from the ground it was 14 feet 6 inches through; at 100 feet from the ground,
Page 4778 - forest. It inhabits a solitary district on the elevated slopes of the Sierra Nevada, near the head-waters of the Stanislau and San Antonio rivers, in latitude 38° N.. longitude 129°
Page 4804 - in thickets by the Lachen and Lachoong rivers, at Choongtam, at an elevation of 6000 feet above the level of the sea.
Page 4778 - in the natural form, in San Francisco, for exhibition ; it there forms a spacious carpeted room, and contains a piano,
Page 4783 - Lobb on the Andes of Peru, at an elevation of 12,000 feet above the level of the sea.
Page 4778 - This magnificent tree; from its extraordinary height and large dimensions, may be termed the monarch of the

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