Review: Open: An Autobiography

Editorial Review - - Ron Kaplan

I recently attended an event at which an author spoke about his latest project, a biography of an athlete who died in a tragic accident. Following his remarks, one member of the audience muttered to his friend, “What's the point of buying the book now? He pretty much told us the whole story.” That sentiment would initially seem to apply to Andre Agassi's autobiography, OPEN. The book has received ... Read full review

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Review: Open

User Review  - Araxie Altounian - Goodreads

I am not into tennis at all, but read this book back to back with Lang Lang's memoires, "Journey of a Thousand Miles". Why? Here are the stories of two men whose childhoods were taken away from them ... Read full review

Review: Open

User Review  - Andreas Ernst - Goodreads

The book provides a lot of visibility into Agassi's life. His love-hate relationship with tennis, his upbringing, his ups and downs in life, his relationship with Steffi Graf and his confession on taking performance enhancing drugs! All in all a great, fascinating and entertaining read! Read full review

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