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When I first put eyes on this book I just thought about Patti's music and the black-and-white photo booth pictures that I myself used to love and enjoy taking with my friends in the late seventies - and early eighties. But when I started to read this book I found that I just couldn't put it down, and that my day was spent thinking and feeling every page I had read. This book is truly a masterpiece, not just because Patti is a great writer, but also because Patti Smith really puts into words how deep a friendship can be. Her friendship to Robert was deeper than the deepest cave. This book guided me by the hand through the streets of New York, had me tasting the life and goings-on in the Chelsea Hotel. I was astonished by her knowledge of French literature and French Poets. This story - memoir - took me deep into myself to feel the curosity of youth, the danger of drugs and sex, and the sad sadness of loss. I cried my eyes out.....This book touched me deeply, and I will never forget it.  

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Best book I read this year (and I read more than 50). Totally surprised. I had no idea who Patti Smith was other than she was a musician that did the kind of music I don't usually listen to. Completely surprised by the depth of her creativity and her soul. Great insight into the late 60's and 70's in the new york art and music scene. Awesome book. 

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Patti Smith
Just Kids (2010)
Patti Smith won the 2010 Nonfiction National Book Award for Just Kids, the story of her remarkable relationship with the controversial photographer/artist Robert Mapplethorpe. 1970s New York in the days of disco, Warhol art, free love, recreational drugs, and the Beat poets comes alive in her telling of how she and Mapplethorpe developed their art together in the Chelsea Hotel. He was a painter, jeweler, and ultimately a photographer. She was a painter, writer, and musician. Together they grew from street people to fame. It's an amazing story!
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Reviewer: Kathleen Farrell (January 2011)
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Review: Just Kids

User Review  - Carol Wise - Goodreads

To live the life of the true starving artist in 60's NYC through this poet's words was a thrill. So many myths were confirmed and destroyed. I wept like a baby at the end over Robert Mapplethorpe's death because of Patti's eloquent prose. This elegy is timeless and full of grace. Read full review

Review: Just Kids

User Review  - Liz - Goodreads

I have never really given much thought to Patti Smith. I knew she was famous in the seventies and eighties for her rock music, but that is it really. With this book, her writing really drew me in more ... Read full review

Review: Just Kids

User Review  - Carol Cancro - Goodreads

Oh boy--thought I would love this book, but in retrospect, I shouldn't be surprised. Didn't get Patti back in the 70's when I was a kid, but many years later was turned on by a friend to "Horses." I ... Read full review

Review: Just Kids

User Review  - David Guy - Goodreads

I actually found this book rather disappointing, though it's well-written, and concerns an interesting moment in our cultural history. It's quite a contrast to Tom Robbins' memoir, the book I read ... Read full review

Review: Just Kids

User Review  - Julia - Goodreads

I'm not a Patti Smith fan and I have no idea what compelled me to read this book, but I have to say that I liked it a lot. She's a talented writer who paints a vivid pictures of New York in the 60s ... Read full review

Review: Just Kids

User Review  - Allegra Culpepper - Goodreads

The way she strings words together, it's hard to stop turning pages. I finished the last page and immediately reopened it to the first again. What a beautiful soul. Read full review

Review: Just Kids

User Review  - Kristaclicks - Goodreads

interesting historical read Read full review

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