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User Review  - LauraMoore - LibraryThing

Lara was adopted at the young age of 3 by a mother who was a former pop star and a father who wanted nothing more then a baby of his own. At the age of 30 when her biological mother tries to enter the ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - booksintheburbs - LibraryThing

I really wanted to fall in love with this book. I was simply not able to engage with the characters and connect with them in a way that I had wanted. This is my own interpretation of the book and ... Read full review

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A story that kept me turning pages from beginning to end. A little girl suddenly realizes that she is different from everyone else, her parents don't look like her and neither does the rest of her family. Lara has a hard time finding out the reality of her situation and upon entering her 30th year she is finally finding out the real truth.
Jumping from past and present and between different characters, the reader gets the whole picture for this book - through the eyes of Lara, her adopted mother and her birth mother. The reader finds out the history that leads each woman to where they are now in the present grappling with forming a new family unit. I thought this was a fresh approach to the world of adoption. We find out how she came to live at an orphanage and then what led her to London with her adopted parents.
I would recommend this to readers of all genres. This story was a new take that I think most readers would enjoy. It was a great read to find out how a young girl feels when she knows that her family isn't the norm.

Review: Being Lara: A Novel

User Review  - Linda Doyle - Goodreads

In the end, Lola Jaye does a good job of conveying the sense of abandonment that an adoptee feels, but the first half of the book is too disjointed and almost lost me. Chapters flip between Lara and ... Read full review

Review: Being Lara: A Novel

User Review  - Jessica - Goodreads

I absolutely love the depth of the story told in this book. It's so wonderful to see Lara finally come to grips with her past and who she is. Definitely a tear jerker ! Read full review

Review: Being Lara: A Novel

User Review  - Tracy - Goodreads

This book started out a little slow and I almost put it down, but the plot picked up and I was glad I kept reading. A story of adoption from the different points of view of all involved. I liked the way the story moved back and forth from past to present. Read full review

Review: Being Lara: A Novel

User Review  - Laura - Goodreads

I picked up this book initially because the girl on the cover reminded me of a character from a TV show I enjoy, and because of the girl's name and the author's name. This was a really good story of a ... Read full review

Review: Being Lara: A Novel

User Review  - Meredith - Goodreads

Being Lara is a predictable light read that did make me tear up at the end. It did get put off to the side when more exciting books came my way, yet it was a good go to when I needed a break from the ... Read full review

Review: Being Lara: A Novel

User Review  - Mara - Goodreads

This was an enjoyable read even if all of the piece's of Lara's life got wrapped up in a neat bow at the end. The characters and thoughts/feelings birth family, adoptive family, and Lara herself were ... Read full review

Review: Being Lara: A Novel

User Review  - Amanda Ishtayeh - Goodreads

This book started out strong and then like a report you have waited to finish till study hall the day its due, fizzled. I enjoyed the back and forth between the moms lives. But after the mom from Africa appeared her side stopped. Worth a read but not wonderful. Read full review

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