A series of genuine letters between Henry and Frances [by R. and E. Griffith]. (Google eBook)

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Page 219 - Let not this weak, unknowing hand Presume thy bolts to throw, And deal damnation round the land On each I judge thy foe. If I am right, thy grace impart, Still in the right to stay; If I am wrong, oh teach my heart To find that better way...
Page 219 - What conscience dictates to be done, Or warns me not to do, This, teach me more than hell to shun, That, more than heav'n pursue. What blessings thy free bounty gives, Let me not cast away ; For God is paid when man receives, T
Page 76 - When you have proved that the three angles of every triangle are equal to two right angles...
Page 232 - In Pope I cannot read a line But, with a sigh, I wish it mine : When he can in one couplet fix More sense than I can do in six, It gives me such a jealous fit, I cry, "Pox take him and his wit.
Page 219 - Who all my fenfe confin'd To know but this, that thou art good, And that myfelf am blind ; Yet gave me, in this dark eftate, To fee the good from ill ; And binding nature faft in fate, Left free the human will.
Page 294 - Delightful task! to rear the tender thought, To teach the young idea how to shoot...
Page 220 - I am, not wholly fo, Since quick'ned by thy Breath ; O lead me wherefoe'er I go, Thro' this day's Life or Death. This day, be Bread and Peace my Lot : All elfe beneath the Sun, Thou know'ft if beft beftow'd or not, And let thy Will be done. To Thee, whofe Temple is all Space, Whofe Altar...
Page 220 - If I am wrong, oh teach my heart To find that better way. Save me alike from foolifh pride, Or impious difcontent, At aught thy wifdom has deny'd, Or aught thy goodnefs lent.
Page 276 - Those seats, whence long excluded thou must mourn ; That gate, for ever barr'd to thy return : Wilt thou not then bewail ill-fated love, And hate a banish'd man, condemn'd in woods to rove?
Page 219 - Thy goodnefs let me bound, Or think Thee Lord alone of man, When thoufand worlds are round. Let not this weak unknowing hand . Prefume thy bolts to throw, And deal damnation round the land, On each I judge thy foe.

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