Encyclopedia of Roman Empire

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MobileReference.com, 2008 - Electronic books - 1178 pages
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The illustrated Encyclopedia of Roman Empire covers time period from the 27 BC to 480 AD. Easily access the timeline, biography, information about the law, government, military and more. Fully illustrated with maps, art, and photographs. Navigate from Table of Contents, Alphabetical Index, or search for the words or phrases. Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. Use your down time to prepare for an exam. Always have the guide available for a quick reference. Table of Contents. Categorical Index A-Z Index. Introduction: Introduction Development of Imperial Rome The first emperor From the Republic to the Principate: Augustus (27 BC - AD 14). Essentials: List of Roman Emperors Timeline Graphical Timeline. Maps: 218 BC - 117 AD 69 AD 117 AD Legions Camps 80 AD. Roman Emperors by Epoch. Principate: Julio-Claudian dynasty Four Emperors (68OCo69) Flavian dynasty Nervan-Antonian dynasty Five Emperors (192OCo193) Severan dynasty. Crisis of the Third Century: Barracks Emperors Illyrian Emperors Gallic Emperors Britannic Emperors. Dominate: Tetrarchies Constantinian dynasty Valentinian dynasty Theodosian dynasty. Government, Law, Military and Society. Government: Senate Curia Forum Cursus honorum Assemblies Collegiality Emperor Legatus Dux Officium Praefectus Vicarius Vigintisexviri Lictor Magister militum Imperator Princeps senatus Pontifex Maximus Augustus Caesar Tetrarch. Magistrates: . Ordinary: Tribune Quaestor Aedile Praetor Consul Censor Promagistrate Governor. Extraordinary: Dictator Master Equitum. Law: Constitution Twelve Tables Roman citizenship Auctoritas Imperium Status Litigation. Military: . Borders Structure Campaigns Technology Political Control Frontiers & Fortifications Strategy Engineering Army (Legion - Infantry tactics - Personal equipment - Siege engines) Navy (Fleet) Auxiliaries Decorations & Punishments. Society: Theatre Social class Cuisine Education Literature Art Music Architecture Religion (Funeral - Persecution - Imperial cult) Mythology Forum SPQR Currency Technology Engineering Finance Agriculture Commerce Calendar Clothing Festivals Circus Wine Women Distinguished Women Marriage Slavery. Language: Latin Old Latin Classical Latin Medieval Latin Renaissance Latin New Latin Recent Latin History of Latin Latin literature Vulgar Latin Ecclesiastical Latin Romance languages."

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