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Page 130 - ... and powerful States, and would unite them in amity and good feeling like a garland of flowers. ' Opposition to the proposition will be made, but I hope it will not be insurmountable. Every liberal plan of ameliorating the condition of those who most require it, will have to encounter prejudices. ' The first opposition will proceed from a spirit which the necessities of the times originally generated, and which, by the outcry of shortsighted men, and the declamation of interested and ambitious...
Page 41 - ... The course of instruction here consists of religion, reading, writing, history, geography, natural history, natural philosophy, arithmetic, geometry, drawing, and singing. In the Muster or model school, the pupil is carried forward to still higher attainments, and is taught religion, German, French, history, geography, technology, natural history, natural philosophy, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, writing, drawing, singing, and verstandes iibung, or the exercise of the understanding.
Page 66 - ... rightly upon any simple proposition placed before them. This, however, is not always the case, and it is only by very strict attention to the education of the masters that such results can be hoped for. Allow me now to call your Lordship's attention to a few facts of some importance, as bearing upon the expense which the establishment of a general system of education would draw upon England. The very best authority which I have consulted, states the gross revenues of the Protestant schoolmasters...
Page 81 - ... Whitsuntide, are allowed as vacations. The regular period of attendance on the Pedagogium is four years, or from ten till fourteen years of age. The classes are four, and the rise from one class to another takes place alone after a general public examination, which is held before one or more commissaries of the Government, and lasts two or three days. Besides assistant masters of different sorts, each class has its head master ; and the whole establishment is governed by a rector, who is entrusted...
Page 67 - ... and contingent expenses may be reckoned at the same sum of 51. Now, my Lord, I know this computation to be too high, and that a number of deductions have not been made in the calculation, which are made in fact. However, let us make the amount still higher, and reckon the average salary of all masters at 250 florins, or 20/. 18s.
Page 69 - ... 10s. for the education of 100 children in England; and even, after adding to the master's salary very nearly 101. per annum more, to hold out the greater inducement which I have mentioned, the amount may be taken at 551. per annum for the education of 100 children. I know not what may be the expense of the schools at present erected by the benevolent exertions of private individuals ; but / am sure, that under a general system properly organized and superintended...
Page 68 - Each school is supposed to educate 103 scholars, as I have shown by a previous calculation; so that we may look upon it as certain that in the Grand Duchy of Baden, 100 scholars can be furnished with good primary instruction for 3 II.
Page 58 - ... thirdly, in no allowance having been made for the children who absent themselves from school I am inclined to believe, however, that the rate of the children who really attend the elementary schools relatively to the number of inhabitants is as 1 to 7. The rate of the schools to the population is thus 1 to 641 inhabitants, and to the total number of scholars of all religions whom the law expects to attend the schools, (though some are always absent,) the rate is 1 to 103 scholars. There is one...
Page 71 - From the 550,000/. remaining, a part must be deducted for the rent and repairs of the schoolhouses, which, beyond all doubt, should be maintained by the parishes which benefit by their institution ; and to meet the remaining charge I need hardly point out to your Lordship, that there are already very considerable funds appropriated for the purposes of educacation, which could be applied to this object, without any change of destination, or any infraction of rights.
Page 70 - ... the certainty of an immense diminution of that tremendous burden the poor's rates, were such an educational institution established in England. I do not say that it would extinguish them, for there must always be support provided for the old, the sick, and the incapable, of the poorer classes ; but it would go far to reduce the poor rates to a name. Still it may be said the present expense would be a great burden on the finances of the state ; but such is not the case. One half at least, or 5s....

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