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Page 93 - In the middle of one of his games, a false move was designedly made, which, after a great number of moves, he discovered, and placed the piece where it ought to have been at first.
Page 216 - ALTHOUGH I had a check, To give the mate is hard, For I have found a neck To keep my men in guard. And you that hardy are To give so great assay Unto a man of war, To drive his men away, I rede you take good heed And mark this foolish verse, For I will so provide That I will have your ferse.
Page 26 - B.) 1. P. to K. fourth 2. Kt. to KB third 3. B. to QB fourth 4. P. to Q. Kt fourth 5.
Page 429 - While. (ALTER.) 1. P. to K. fourth 2. P. to Q. fourth 3. Kt. to KB third 4. B. to QB fourth 5. Castles 6. P. to QB third 7.
Page 93 - Chess, without seeing the boards, beating two antagonists ; to either of whom he, though a first-rate player, could only give the advantage of a Knight when seeing the board. We shall add to this account a circumstance of which, we were eye-witnesses. In...
Page 216 - And when your ferse is had, And all your war is done, Then shall yourself be glad To end that you begun. For if by chance I win Your person in the field, Too late then come you in Yourself to me to yield. For I will use my power, As captain full of might; And such I will devour As use to show me spite. And for because you gave Me check in such degree, This vantage, lo, I have: Now check, and guard to thee.
Page 92 - Legalle once alked him, Whether he had never tried to play by memory, without feeing the board ? Philidor replied, that as he had calculated moves, and even whole games at night in bed, he thought he could do it, and immediately played a game with the Abbe Chenard, which he...
Page 215 - mate' in the myd poynt of thu chekkere, With a poune errante, allas ! B.JO Ful craftier to pleye she was Than Athalus, that made the game First of the chesse, so was hys name.
Page 216 - L'ENVOY. Then rule with care, and quicke conceit, And fight with knowledge, as with force ; So beare a braine, to dash deceit, And work with reason and remorse. Forgive a fault when young men plaie, So give a mate, and go your way.
Page 40 - S.) 1. P. to K. fourth 2. Kt. to KB third 3. Kt. takes P. 4. Kt. to KB third 5. P. to Q.

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