Brother Number One: A Political Biography of Pol Pot (Google eBook)

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Westview Press, Mar 5, 1999 - Biography & Autobiography - 280 pages
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In the tragic recent history of Cambodia—a past scarred by a long occupation by Vietnamese forces and by the preceding three-year reign of terror by the brutal Khmer Rouge—no figure looms larger or more ominously than that of Pol Pot. As secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK) since 1962 and as prime minister of Democratic Kampuchea (DK), he has been widely blamed for trying to destroy Cambodian society. By implementing policies whose effects were genocidal, he oversaw the deaths of more than one million of his nation’s people.The political career of Saloth Sar, better known by his nom de guerre Pol Pot, forms a critical but largely inaccessible portion of twentieth-century Cambodian history. What we know about his life is sketchy: a comfortable childhood, three years of study in France, and a short career as a schoolteacher preceded several years—spent mostly in hiding—as a guerrilla and the commander of the victorious army in Cambodia’s civil war. His career reached a climax when he and his associates, coming to power, attempted to transform their country along lines more radical than any attempted by a modern regime. Driven into hiding in 1979 by invading Vietnamese forces, Pol Pot maintained his leadership of a Khmer Rouge guerrilla army in exile, remaining a power and a threat.In this political biography, David P. Chandler throws light on the shadowy figure of Pol Pot. Basing his study on interviews and on a wide range of sources in English, Cambodian, and French, the author illuminates the ideas and behavior of this enigmatic man and his entourage against the background of post–World War II events, providing a key to understanding this horrific, pivotal period of Cambodian history. In this revised edition, Chandler provides new information on the state of Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge following the death of Pol Pot in 1997.

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Review: Brother Number One: A Political Biography Of Pol Pot

User Review  - Anthony - Goodreads

Having been to Cambodia and witnessing the killing fields and S-21 many years after the genocide I wanted to understand who could have led a revolution that would bring such unspeakable horrors to a ... Read full review

Review: Brother Number One: A Political Biography Of Pol Pot

User Review  - Al - Goodreads

A study in the depravity of man. Read full review

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Inventing Democratic Kampuchea
The Emergence of Pol Pot
Prairie Fire 19761977
The Four Year Plan
The Crisis of SeptemberOctober 1976
Purges in Democratic Kampuchea 19751977
Purging Friends
Pol Pot and the Microbes

Working for the Democrats
Becoming a Communist 19491953 The First Year in Paris
Political Developments in Cambodia 19501951
Turning to the Left
Becoming a Communist
Multiple Identities 19531963 Joining the Viet Minh
Geneva and the 1955 Elections
Becoming a Teacher
A Militant for the Party
Focusing the Party
A Cambodian Party Takes Shape
The Death of Tou Samouth
Talking to Monks and Students
Red Khmer 19631970
A Hostage of the Vietnamese
The Visit to Vietnam
The Visit to China
The Samlaut Uprising
Armed Struggle 19681970
Sihanouk Loses His Grip
Saloth Sar Travels North
Coming to Power 19701976
Saloth Sar Comes Home
The National Democratic Revolution
From CeaseFire to Bombardment
The Only Game in Town
Preparing the Final Assault
The Final Assault
Saloth Sar Returns to Phnom Penh
Punishing the Intelligentsia
Personal Details
War with Vietnam
Coming into the Open
Coming Apart 19771979 Pol Pot in China and North Korea
Cambodias War with Vietnam
The War Begins
Opening Up
Attacking Enemies
A Cult of Personality?
Pol Pot on Display
Grandfather 87 19791998
The Discovery of Democratic Kampucheas History
Concealing Democratic Kampuchea
Repentant Optimist 19791981
Dropping Out of Sight 19811986
Summing Up for the Defense
Solving the Cambodian Problem 19861991
The UNTAC Period
Grandfather 87
The Implosion of the Red Khmer 19941998
Non Suons Biography of Pol Pot
Khmer Personnel at Office 100 19631966
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Page v - Who fights for Communism must be able to fight and not to fight, to say the truth and not to say the truth, to render and to deny service, to keep a promise and to break a promise, to go into danger and to avoid danger, to be known and to be unknown. Who fights for Communism has of all the virtues only one: that he fights for Communism 2S — so writes Bertolt Brecht, the only poet of stature Western Communism has produced.
Page 73 - In order to make a revolution and to fight a people's war and be victorious, it is imperative to adhere to the policy of self-reliance, rely on the strength of the masses in one's own country and prepare to carry on the fight independently even when all material aid from outside is cut off.
Page 183 - I came to carry out the struggle, not to kill people. . . . Even now, and you can look at me: Am I a savage...
Page v - He who fights for Communism must be able to fight and not to fight; to speak the truth and not to speak the truth; to render...
Page 221 - Malcolm Caldwell and Lek Tan, Cambodia in the Southeast Asian War (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1973).
Page 239 - When Plans Fail: Small Group Behavior and Decision- Making in the Conspiracy of 1808...
Page 129 - We search for the microbes within the Party without success. They are buried. As our socialist revolution advances, however, seeping more strongly into every corner of the Party, the army and among the people, we can locate the ugly microbes.
Page 163 - He said that he knows many people died. When he said this he nearly broke down and cried.
Page 37 - ... Assembly. Political power in Cambodia was now in his hands, except for that retained by the French. In Paris, Saloth Sar published an article entitled "Monarchy or Democracy" in a Khmer-language magazine, the Cambodian Student, arguing that monarchy ("a malodorous running sore...
Page 186 - Pol Pot has died like a ripe papaya [falling from a tree]. No one killed him, no one poisoned him. Now he's Wnished. He has no power, he has no rights, he is no more than cow shit. Cow shit is more important than him. We can use it for fertiliser.

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About the author (1999)

David Chandler, an emeritus professor of history at Monash University in Australia, is currently an adjunct Professor of Asian Studies at Georgetown University.

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