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Everything about this book is utterly life-changing and mind-boggling. I'm reading it slower than most books because it's heavy on academics that stretch my mind around entirely new concepts not just in each chapter, but usually on each page. Nonetheless, I can't put it down and want to read it faster and read it again and even write to everyone I know and tell them to read it. Spectacular. Amazing. Not ordinary like "a great book," but extraordinary like "why isn't this stuff taught in schools yet? Why aren't universities actively pursuing these concepts? And why didn't I devote my life to participating in a science-related field?" This book begs for an excerpt / rewrite so the average person with little understanding of big terminology in heavy scientific fields can read at least the meaning of this book, without so much research. If no one beats me to it, I'm up to the task. In fact, this book found me, I didn't go looking for it. And reading it, something inside is begging me to simplify it and share it with the world. Obviously, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING. 

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Wonderful, inspiring book with interesting anecdotal experiments to consider.

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