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This book was fascinating and annoying in equal measure. Fascinating because even I, who devour books about nutrition and the food industry regularly (though not, thankfully, the titular snack) learned a whole lot about the mysterious ingredients like polysorbate-60 that are ubiquitous in processed foods -- the great chapter in Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation" explaining how artificial and natural flavors are created turned out to be only the tip of a colossal iceberg of chemistry. Annoying because through it all Ettlinger maintains a gee-whiz attitude, making the book read more like a nineteen-fifties celebration of what science can do than an expose of the polluting, toxic, politically-manipulated processes that have systematically robbed our food of nutrition and sickened consumers. Ettlinger's writing is also irritating: facile, repetitive, vague, and sometimes downright erroneous (my partner the chemical engineer pointed out one misstatement so basic that it was clear that Ettlinger didn't understand what he was describing). And yet, the information was valuable, and I suppose that Schlosser or Michael Pollan would never have gotten as much valuable information out of the secretive food-processing industry, though I rue the fact that one of them didn't write this instead.  

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this book is so kool!!!

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