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Penguin Readers with cd audio was my traveling companion this weekend. An adaptation of Emma, published in 2008, and illustrated with photos of the 1996 Miramax movie version. There are chapter ... Read full review

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Emma Faith Johnson
English 7
Emma is a classic written by the famous, Jane Austen. This story takes place in the village of Highbury. This book is known as Jane’s longest, and more difficult book. It is about a woman named Emma, and her journey on love.
Emma is a 20 year old woman who has told herself along with everyone else she has no desire to get married or fall in love. She imagines to herself that she could be a matchmaker after setting up her governess, and the village widower, Mr. Weston. After this, she decides she is going to help her friend, Harriet Smith enjoy the wonders of love. Emma believes Harriet deserves the best and tries to set Harriet up with a vicar named Mr. Elton. Emma pushes Harriet to say no to a marriage proposal to her boyfriend, which is a farmer named Robert Martin. As Harriet falls in love with Mr. Elton, Mr. Elton falls in love with Emma. Emma and Mr. Knightley, her brother in law and friend, fight about Emma trying to get into peoples relationships as her plans for Harriet die. Mr. Elton finds out about Emma’s matchmaking and leaves for a town called Bath, and marries a girl there almost immediately. Emma comforts Harriet, as a new character named Frank Churchill arrives in Highbury. Even though everyone thinks Frank is suspicious, Emma likes Frank and likes flirting with him, which eventually turns into a liking. Jane Fairfax also comes into Highbury, not as welcomed, because Emma is jealous of how beautiful she is. Everyone assumes that Frank and Emma are in love, but Emma denies this. Emma decides Frank is not for her, that he would be better for Harriet. At a village ball, Mr. Knightley asks Harriet to dance, because she was just humiliated by her former love Mr. Elton and his new wife. The next morning, Harriet is attacked by gypsy beggars and Frank saves her. When Harriet tells Emma that she has fallen in love with a man, Emma thinks it is Frank, but really it is Mr. Knightley. Mr. Knightley tries to warn Emma that he thinks Frank and Jane know each other but she doesn't believe him. Word comes around the village that Franks aunt has died, which uncovers a secret. Frank and Jane have secretly been engaged the whole time,only using Emma as a cover. They couldn't get married because of his aunts disapproval. Emma thinks Harriet will be devastated, not knowing Harriets real love. Harriet tells Mr. Knightley she loves him, thinking he would feel the same. Surprisingly, Mr. Knightley tells Emma he has always and will always love her. Emma realizes she has loved Mr. Knightley all along. Harriet is devastated, but to her advantage, Robert Martin asks her to marry him again and she gladly accepts. This was a very good book, and I am glad that Emma, along with everyone else found love.

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I love this book

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Emma is a wonderfully spoiled little rich girl who despite being a brat at times is also a young woman with a heart full of love for friends and family. Jane Austen has become one of my very favorite authors. Her characters are splendidly written so that you come to know them well and throughly enjoy them. 

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Re-reading Jane Austen is always a joy. It just feels like home. Its familiar. I love her so much. I don't think i will ever get bored of re-reading her books. And Emma is so witty and a great novel and just..WHERE IS MY MR.KNIGHTLEY? Or any Austen male character??? ♥ Read full review

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In Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye", there is a hilarious monologue of Holden (the main character) describing a film that he had recently watched; one so sappy and sacharine, that by the end, the ... Read full review

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Being a Personal Reminiscence on What Emma Means to Me and How it Changed My Literary Life, in Half a Chapter. When I was a smug seventeen I scowled somewhat arrogantly at my girlfriend that romance ... Read full review


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I love Jane Austen and I've loathed this book. Absolutely tedious. Perhaps I haven't picked the best time to read it either. Read full review

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