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The Mysterious Benedict Society

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When eleven-year old Reynie Muldoon answers an ad in the newspaper, and takes some pretty odd tests, he has no idea what friendship, difficulties, and troubles lie ahead. When he meets Kate, Sticky, Constance, Rhonda, Number Two, and Mr, Benedict, Mr. Benedict, tells them that they are the last hope of taking down the evil Mr. Curtain and his machine that he calls the Whisperer. Mr. Curtain is the genius and headmaster of the Learning Institute For the Very Enlightened(Otherwise known as L.I.V.E.). But when Kate, Sticky, Constance, and Reynie discover the secrets of Mr. Curtain, they realize how how hard it will be to defeat him. Even worse, Reynie then realizes that L.I.V.E. spelled backwards is E.V.I.L. They will have to go to their physical and mental limits to even SURVIVE. But in the end, will they be able to tackle the greatest challenge of their lives?
I thought this book was really good because it had a lot of pressure, action, combat, and mystery. For example, in one part they are trapped in a room and Mr. Curtain is about to brain-sweep them, when Mr. Benedict's bodyguard Millagin rescues them at the last second. I hope you enjoy it because it's a really great book

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