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Chicago Prior to 1840, I., II H. G. Cutler 506, 632

Clybourn, Archibald Howard L. Conard 527

Calhoun, Seward and Lincoln, I., Hon. J. M. Ashley 599

Colorado Springs as a Health Resort H. D. T. 630

Church, Thomas H. L. Conard 649


Drummond, Hon. Thomas 285


Emmons. Francis Asbury, M. D H. L. C. 43

Early Settlers of Seattle 84, 186, 243

Editorial Notes 114, 217, 322, 445, 573, 699

Educational Progress in the Rocky Mountains Col. Henry Dudley Teetor 370

Egan, Col. John M. S H. D. T. 500


Free Negro of the South, A J. H. Kennedy 128

Fox River Valley of Wisconsin, The, II Hon. George Gary 175

Fullerton, Hon. William G. W. T. 352

First Union Flag Raising in the Rocky Mountains, The Hon. R. Orchard Old 375

First White Women to Cross the Rocky Mountains, The Rev. Harris Reid Cooley 453


Grosvenor, Lemuel Conant, M. D H. L. C. r6o

Goudy, William C 417

Granada Hon. F. C. Sessions 431

Gibbs, William Warren E. C. Glover 475

Griffin, H. M H. D. T. 495

Gilman, Dr. John E Howard Louis Conard 550


History of the Medical Profession and Medical Institutions of Chicago,

VII., VIII., IX., X., XI. 35, 143, 303, 544, 690

Historical Societies of the United States 109

Hall, Dr. George A H. L. C. 153

Hanford, C. H P. A. O'Farrell 186

Historical Error, An Hon. George Gary 221

Haskell, Otis L 268

Hedges, Samuel Parker, M. D H. L. C. 306

Hosmer, Theodore W. H. Maguire 367

Hastings, S. H 439

Hall, Col. G. W : H. D. T. 490

Hubbard, Gurdon S. ........ ,^:,.„. .,,..,'.:,:.):...;... ..V...-. ..- '.". H. L. C. 523

Hanchett, Silas 669


Illinois in 1847 and 1848, I., II., Ill Hon. John Moses, 16, 132, 246

International Art Gallery of Denver A. Muhr 85

Inraan, John H 107

•., . -.- •:- .'. J

Jewett, Hon. John N 565

Kentucky Early History, I., II Hon. Isaac Smucker, 345, 460


Lights and Shadows of Kansas History Hon. William Phillips 6

Lawrence, Hon. Charles B 289

Leaves From An Old Lawyer's Note-Book Hon. James A. Briggs 314

Layman's Observations on Ohio Lawyers and Law, I., II Geo. F. Marshall, 356, 4O8

Ludlam, Dr. Reuben H. "L. C. 555

Lawton, Andrew Leonard H. D. T. 630


Miami Indians, The—Little Turtle, Their Last Chief Col. Henry Dudley Teetor 3

Minor, Thomas Taylor, M. D 84

May-Mazeppa Silver Mines, The 92

Mitchell, Joseph Sidney, A. M., M. D H. L. C. 150

Mackintosh, Angus , P. A. O'Farrell 189

Missouri Historical Society, The. 327

Man, Albion Piatt G. W. Travers 354

Mines and Miners Around Idaho Springs 667

Mason, Hon. William E 676


Not State Librarian William Bristol Shaw 119


Origin of Uncle Tom's Cabin H. D. T. 24

Ocean of Ether, a Poem ;. ..,,...... , H. A. Smith, M. D. 245

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