The Botanical Magazine, Or, Flower-garden Displayed: In which the Most Ornamental Foreign Plants, Cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-house, and the Stove, are Accurately Represented in Their Natural Colours ..., Volumes 11-12 (Google eBook)

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1797 - Botany
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Page 396 - So sits enthroned, in vegetable pride, Imperial Kew by Thames' glittering side ; Obedient sails from realms unfurrow'd bring For her the unnam'd progeny of Spring; Attendant Nymphs her dulcet mandates hear, And nurse in fostering arms the tender year ; Plant the young bulb, inhume the living seed, Prop the weak stem, the erring tendril lead ; Or fan in glass-built fanes the stranger flowers, With milder gales, and steep with warmer showers. Delighted Thames through tropic...
Page 396 - GARDENERS, as | wish to become scientifically acquainted with the Plants they cultivate. | Ś | By WILLIAM CURTIS, \ Author of the FLORA LONDINENSIS.
Page 424 - Of this numerous and beautiful tribe of plants, we know of none whofe flowers in point of prettincls can vie with thofe of the prefent fpecies ; they are marked with numerous fine dots, like thofe of the London Pride, (SaxÝfraga umbrofa) but in a fuperior ftyle of beauty, and appear to great advantage when viewed with a magnifier.
Page 408 - Marigold, a planr not uncommon in our collections of greenhoule plants, is a native of the Cape, and was introduced by Mr. MASSON in 1774. It flowers in May and June, and is raifed with facility from cuttings.
Page 421 - ... in autumn: the flowers are produced singly along the young branches, from the wings of the leaves, and are of a bright purple colour. In winter, the plants...
Page 421 - and of the fame colour as that when young ; the leaves are " alfo very like thofe of the Elm, and fall ofF in autumn ; the
Page 421 - In winter, the plants mould be placed in the grecn-houfe, " for they are too tender to live abroad in England ; but they " fhould have as much free air as poflible in mild weather, as " they only require to be proteQed from f roil; and after the leaves " are fallen, they will require very moderate watering, but in " fummer they fhould have it more conftantly in dry weather.
Page 392 - ... side being as green as the upper, and they have a greater tendency to grow upright: the...
Page 427 - ... rather by the elegance of its foliage than the beauty of its flowers ; the latter appear in May and June, and with us are fparingly fucceeded by feed-veifels.
Page 395 - ... it will grow to the height of four or five feet, and produce during the months of June and July abundance of (lowers, fingularly and beautifully marked.

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