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Review: Macbeth

User Review  - Taylor Troncin - Goodreads

I read this book in high school and again in a college class. I enjoyed it both times, but Macbeth (in general) never really caught my attention. Not sure why. Lots of interesting themes and ideas, but just nothing that caught my eye. Still an excellent read though! Read full review

Review: Macbeth

User Review  - Bram - Goodreads

After a discussion of this play that went over 100 comments, a review seems at once superfluous and necessary to give greater exposure to an excellent conversation. One of the best things about ... Read full review

Review: Macbeth

User Review  - Mark Jones - Goodreads

Macbeth sure is an asshole! This is a classic tale of a lunatic's downfall; from nothing more than the words of three witches stems Macbeth's campaign of deranged, paranoid bloodshed, involving not only regicide, but the killing of his friend and comrade. He sure is an asshole! Read full review

Review: Macbeth

User Review  - Colin Hogan - Goodreads

I read this again because I went as one of the witches for Halloween. It was a perfect Halloween play, but I was so stunned by all the violence. When the messenger came in and told Macduff that ... Read full review

Review: Macbeth

User Review  - Houston - Goodreads

I haven't read this since I was an undergrad years ago, but I liked it. I am rereading it for a junior level, high school English class I'm student-teaching this spring. Read full review

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