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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

The relationships between white middle-class women and their black maids in Jackson, Miss., circa 1962, reflect larger issues of racial upheaval in Mississippi-native Stockett's ambitious first novel.Still unmarried, to her mother's dismay, recent Ole Miss graduate Skeeter returns to Jackson longing to be a serious writer. While playing bridge with her friends Hilly and Elizabeth, she asks ... Read full review

Review: The Help

Editorial Review - - Eileen Zimmerman Nicol

It is 1962 in Jacksonville, Mississippi. The times may be changing, but not fast enough for three women, two black and one white, in this town where the lines between the races are so rigid they don't need to be voiced. Aibileen has raised 17 white children in her various maid jobs, but recently she lost her own grown son. Her younger friend Minny's sassy mouth has cost her so many positions that ... Read full review

The help

User Review  - Not Available - Book Verdict

Set in Stockett's native Jackson, MS, in the early 1960s, this first novel adopts the complicated theme of blacks and whites living in a segregated South. A century after the Emancipation Proclamation ... Read full review

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Having read both fiction and non-fiction books about the Jim Crow era in the American south, I found The Help to be one of the more detailed perspectives I've read. I am surprised at how the author depicts believeable characters such as Hilly and Aibileen. It's disgusting, however, the social norms of those times and the way in which black people were treated. It was as if they were not humans. I am also saddened by the story of Mae Mobley who, as a little white girl at age 2, only knows the unconditional love of Aibileen. Mae's own mother showed her little affection or regard. Many white children in those times were raised, lovingly, by their maids, but the hatred toward the same maids and their families continued for decades. It is very unfortunate.
I fully recommend this book. I will warn, however, that the reader should not expect an accurate account of the actual feelings of the black people described in the book. It simply is not possible for others to know the pain and madness they truly experienced.

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Review: The Help

User Review  - Kristin H - Goodreads

I really enjoyed this (despite all of the hype, which usually makes me avoid a book like the plague). At first, I was really put off by the dialect used, because that really drives me crazy in books ... Read full review

Review: The Help

User Review  - Jenn Deveans - Goodreads

very sweet book...funny the part about the chocolate pie was great....i wanted to ring some of those white girls necks. cant believe ppl used to and probably still think like that..ignorant racists... Read full review

Review: The Help

User Review  - Anika Lee - Goodreads

I loved this book. It was an easy read. My only problem was that I couldn't read it in one day! I would stay up trying to read it to finish it before the movie came out. But, I have finally finished ... Read full review

The Helpのskさんの感想・レビュー

User Review  - sk - 読書メーター

honestly, I hated this book. Read full review

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