Divorce 2 Divorce: Your Heart in Your Home (Google eBook)

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AuthorHouse, Aug 24, 2011 - Family & Relationships
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Your Heart in your Home As a human being, it is our right to use and enjoy every moment of our life on the Earth utilizing all the resources available with us. But, at the same time, rights are rights if we are always mindful of our duties ensuring the quality and quantity of life for ourselves and the upcoming generations. The book is a humble, humane and sincere attempt to share some of the thoughts and processes on the current state of affairs facing our human life on the mother Earth. It is not possible for the author to bring out all facts and aspects of human life here in this book. The book consists of the following chapters. CHAPTER 1 BREATHLESSNESS CHAPTER 2 HOME CHAPTER 3 DIVORCE CHAPTER 4 MARRIAGE CHAPTER 5 DECISION POINTS PREFACE has some feelings that are impossible to ignore and compelling to experience. I think our freshness, of mind, body and character, should be a necessary ingredient in our daily life as well. That will keep us committed, dedicated and motivated to whatever we do or are required to do. This is all the more needed in our marital life too. Freshness and Intensity in the beginning of our job or relationship endear us to people around. We will carry ourselves to the fruition of our endeavours if we are able to not only maintain but rather reinforce it during the course of our journey into that job or relationship. How do we do that? Inside each one of us, there is an invisible thing called FILTER and we need to discover and activate that. Women are another important creature that provides freshness in our human lives. Without them, I think, this world has no meaning. They are the elixir, rather the world itself, for a number of individuals and families. The most beautiful aspect of their life is they don't carry anything to their next birth or life. They pay back their debts to the Mother Earth by giving births and fulfill their debt burden. If we follow closely and properly, we are taught a number of lessons out of their existence. As males, we do not have this facility to pay back the debts that we owe to our Mother Earth. We can do that but only by doing something good and benignant to our Mother Earth by saving our (re)sources. Let us leave it to the choice of each of our brethren living with us.

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