The Kayastha ethnology, an enquiry into the origin of the Chitraguptavansi and Chandrasenavansi Kayasthas, compiled by K. Prasad [and others]. (Google eBook)

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i think those brahmins & higher casts who in earlier time married shudras or ate non veg
or show modernity, they wer ousted from
the society that your Kaya-asta & they were further turned as KAYASTHA

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According to your book kayasthas are refered as they are a literate and educated class of Kshatriyas.. but this is not the fact according to the great history mens this has been named Kshatriyas when a "Bishwa Hindu Sammelan" was organized and the kayasthas are invited calling Kshatriyas mistakenly categorised after that kayasthas are literally mistakenly called as Kshatriyas but kayasthas are pure brahamins.... 

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Page 9 - Cdyasfhas, the rank has been counted from thirteen degrees; and in every generation, so long as the marriage has been properly assorted, one degree has been added to the rank. But, should a marriage be contracted in a family of a lower degree, an entire forfeiture of such rank would be incurred.
Page iii - To defend the people, to give alms, to sacrifice, to read the Veda, to shun the allurements of sensual gratification, are, in a few words, the duties of a Cshatriya.
Page iii - Brahmins he assigned the duties of reading the Veda, of teaching it, of sacrificing, of assisting others to sacrifice, of giving alms, if they be rich, and, if indigent, of receiving gifts.
Page iii - Vol. ip 43. But Hindu caste involves the most monstrous inequalities in the condition of men, and in their respective civil and religious rights. Menu says, " The first part of a Brahman's compound name should indicate holiness ; of a Kshatrya's, power, of a Vaisya's, wealth, and of a Sudra's, contempt.
Page 18 - It is observed that a woman of the servile class is not mentioned, even in the recital of any ancient story, as the wife of a...
Page iii - ... birth, the ceremony of giving a name ; or on some ' fortunate day of the moon, at a lucky hour, and ' under the influence of a star with good qualities 31.
Page iv - From a Brahmin on a wife of the Vaisya class," he observes, " is born a son called Ambasht'ha or Vaidya, on a Sudra wife a Nishada, named also Parasava : from a Kshatriya on a wife of the Sudra class, springs a creature called Ugra ", with a nature partly warlike and partly servile, ferocious in his manners, cruel in his acts.
Page 1 - Viromitrodaya, which by Mr. Colebrooke and others is stated to be a treatise of high authority at Benares, is properly receivable as an exposition of what may have been left doubtful by the Mitacshara, and declaratory of the law of the Benares School.

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