Can You Drill a Hole Through Your Head and Survive?: 180 Fascinating Questions and Amazing Answers about Science, Health, and Nature

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Simon Rogers
Skyhorse Publishing Inc., 2007 - HEALTH & FITNESS - 246 pages
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For the readers who made Why Do Men Have Nipples? a bestseller comes this collection of mind-boggling answers to everyday (and not-so-everyday) questions. 
Can a thick pair of shoes save you in a nuclear attack?  How do you cut off your own arm? Are live insects safe to eat?  How much can you understand while you’re in a coma?  Can science prove or disprove the existence of God?  Can your iPod make you hallucinate?  Do pregnant women make better wine tasters? Can You Drill a Hole in Your Head and Survive? tackles age-old health and scientific quandaries.  Addictive and endlessly entertaining, this is the perfect gift for know-it-alls and know-nothings alike. 

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Review: Can You Drill a Hole Through Your Head and Survive?: 180 Fascinating Questions and Amazing Answers about Science, Health, and Nature

User Review  - David Mrsich - Goodreads

Kind of interesting but overall not very mind blowing. Read full review

Review: Can You Drill a Hole Through Your Head and Survive?: 180 Fascinating Questions and Amazing Answers about Science, Health, and Nature

User Review  - Justin - Goodreads

Great book...... all kinds of cool facts! I recommend it to everyone who like to just read, or anyone who likes useless knowledge. Read full review


Minds Bodies
Do animals make you feel better?
Can you die from heartbreak?
Does having differentsized elbows matter?
Can you stop yourself sweating?
Can a blow to the chest stop your heart?
How long can you survive in a freezer?
How dangerous is the backstroke?
Why do tennis players check the ball before serving?
Animals Plants
Do cats and dogs need sunscreen?
How do you decide whether an animal is dangerous?
Why do sea mammals beach themselves?
Whats a pet psychologist?
Why do tortoises live so long?

How long can someone survive without water?
How tall can a human grow?
How long can hair grow?
How do you test someones intelligence?
Does dyslexia exist?
Why do suicide rates peak in the spring?
Why do people sleepwalk?
What is persistent sexual arousal syndrome?
Why is it so esay to raed wrods eevn wehn the lteetrs are mdduled up?
Can you drill a hole through your head and survive?
Why are we happier when the sun is out?
What can psychometric tests tell you about someone?
Can loud music cause physical damage?
Is urban cycling bad for your heart?
Are tanning beds worse for you than sunbathing?
Can video games trigger violent behavior?
How do US troops keep going on so little sleep?
What age should we work until?
Sickness Health
Will antibiotics be useless by 2015?
Can the wind cause outbreaks of meningitis?
How can you protect yourself from bird flu?
What is the best thing to wash your hands with?
Can popping pills protect you from radiation?
Is suspended animation safe?
How much can a coma patient understand?
Is laser eye surgery dangerous?
What is awake craniotomy?
Is it safe to put mercury into vaccines?
Is heroin safe for some people to use?
Is marijuana addictive?
What are the real risks of cocaine?
Why does LSD make you hallucinate?
How does alcohol protect against disease?
Does secondhand smoke kill?
Is it worth detoxing?
Is there a link between breast cancer and antiperspirant?
What is hair cloning?
Why do the Japanese live so long?
Does being obese give you cancer?
Does banning smoking in public places encourage people to quit?
When was the link between smoking and cancer established?
Do any alternative medicines work against cancer?
Can dogs sniff out human cancers?
What is hot tub lung?
Why are sunscreens getting stronger?
What does it take to cut off your own arm?
Babies Children
Does age affect a mans fertility?
Can babies survive abortions?
Can we all have designer babies?
Are excessive ultrasound scans bad for unborn babies?
Do pregnant women make the best wine tasters?
Is it bad to opt for a caesarean?
What are the chances of survival for very premature babies?
How heavy can a baby get?
Does crying damage babies brains?
How many vaccinations is it safe for a baby to have at once?
Why is breast best?
What causes crib deaths?
Is it safe for children to take Ritalin?
Food Drink
Is organic food any healthier than conventional food?
Can you eat junk food and stay healthy?
Is it safe to eat mud?
Is chocolate good for you?
What is so good about probiotics?
Are barbecues seriously bad for your health?
Is eating live insects a bad idea?
Would eating a Stone Age diet make us healthier?
Whats the best way to seal wine?
Will feeding prisoners vitamin supplements make them behave better?
Does dining in the dark make food taste different?
Sports Games
How gruelling is Formula One?
What would the ultimate Formula One car be like?
How do I become a synchronized diver?
What happens to your body after a marathon?
Does grunting help tennis players with their game?
How slow can you waterski?
Whats the lowest height you can parachute from?
How big a fall can a person survive?
How can I learn to hold my breath like a freediver?
Are Chow chows the most stupid dogs in the world?
What really killed off the dinosaurs?
Can animals be homosexual?
What should you do if a shark attacks?
Why are giant pandas so bad at mating?
Is it safe to swat a mosquito?
How long can a seed stay alive?
Do badgers spread bovine TB?
Is it time to start culling seagulls?
Why are fractures often fatal for racehorses?
Natural Disasters Manmade Problems
Do trees pollute the atmosphere?
When will global warming reach a point of no return?
Is it dangerous to store carbon dioxide underground?
Will nuclear power stations of the future be very different?
Are pizza ovens a major source of pollution?
How do you tow an iceberg?
Can 44s really cause dust storms?
Do patio heaters cause global warming?
How many people can the Earth support?
Where does all the water go?
How can you predict volcanic eruptions?
How do you know when a tsunami is coming?
What causes twisters?
How does a hurricane get its name?
How do you stop a flash flood?
How do you build a hurricaneproof home?
Will a meteorite land in my living room?
What are my chances of being struck by lightning in bed?
Does removing road markings reduce accidents?
How do you make a city quiet?
Why does moist toilet paper clog your plumbing?
Science Technology
How easy is it to identify someone from their DNA?
Will my email ever be hackerproof?
How can you intercept other peoples text messages?
Could we build a Star Trek phaser gun?
How do you make bulletproof glass?
How does the army carry out controlled explosions?
How do you make a nuclear bomb?
How do you tap a phone?
Can iPods make you hallucinate?
Have you got BlackBerry thumb?
Why do wind turbines confuse military radar?
What would it take to decontaminate your home?
How big could we build an aircraft?
Why do aircraft wings now go up at the ends?
Why do people keep on looking for ever bigger prime numbers?
Why is artificial blood so hard to make?
How do you win a Nobel prize?
Can science prove the existence of God?
What is biodynamic farming?
Isnt it dangerous to use a cell phone on a plane and in hospitals?
Are fireworks getting better?
Who would you look like after a face transplant?
Why is it dangerous to clone humans?
Has stem cell research been overhyped?
Space Time
Have we infected Mars?
How much training do you need to go into space?
What will NASA do on the moon?
What use is the transit of Venus?
Will we really find aliens by 2025?
What makes a planet a planet?
Whats the point of sending music into space?
How could you deflect an asteroid?
Can you see the Great Wall of China from space?
Can sturdy shoes save you during a nuclear attack?
and some other life death questions
Can too much sleep kill you?
Why do our submarines keep bumping into things?
What happened to Hunter SThompsons ashes?
How many people does it take to be right?
Is Friday the 13th unlucky?
Do the dead contact us through tape recorders?
Can stress make your hair go gray overnight?
Could brain implants control people remotely?
How can you interrogate someone using the theme from Sesame Street?
What is the most complicated music in the world?
Is it safe to fire a gun on a plane?
What can the way this is written tell you about the author?
Why is parting such sweet sorrow?

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About the author (2007)

Simon Rogers edited the selections in this book from The Guardian's "This Week" column, which has been investigating the world's most perplexing science questions for years. He lives in Australia.

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