An Introduction to Comparative Psychology (Google eBook)

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W. Scott, 1896 - Psychology - 382 pages
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Page 53 - In no case may we interpret an action as the outcome of the exercise of a higher psychical faculty, if it can be interpreted as the outcome of the exercise of one which stands lower in the psychological scale, (p.
Page 384 - ... that has been printed relating to Dickens and his works ... we should, until we came across this volume, have been at a loss to recommend any popular life of England's most popular novelist as being really satisfactory. The difficulty is removed by Mr. Marzials's little book. "—Athenizum. Life of George Eliot. By Oscar Browning. "We are thankful for this interesting addition to our knowledge of the great novelist."— Literary World.
Page 365 - Critics give themselves great labour to draw out what in the abstract constitutes the characters of a high quality of poetry. It is much better simply to have recourse to concrete examples ; — to take specimens of poetry of the high, the very highest quality, and to say : The characters of a high quality of poetry are what is expressed there.
Page 386 - The last book published by Messrs. Merivale and Marzials is full of very real and true things." — Mrs. Anne Thackeray Ritchie on " Thackeray and his Biographers," in Illustrated London News. Life of Cervantes. By HE Watts. Life of Voltaire. By Francis Espinasse. Life of Leigh Hunt By Cosmo Monkhouse. Life of Whittier. By WJ Linton. Life of Renan. By Francis Espinasse.
Page 385 - Aberdeen Free Press. Life of Arthur Schopenhauer. By William Wallace. " The series of ' Great Writers ' has hardly had a contribution of more marked and peculiar excellence than the book which the Whyte Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford has written...
Page 384 - As to the larger section of the public, to whom the series of Great Writers is addressed, no record of Emerson's life and work could be more desirable, both in breadth of treatment and lucidity of style, than Dr. Garnett's." — Saturday Review. Life of Goethe. By James Sime. "Mr. James Sime's competence as a biographer of Goethe, both in respect of knowledge of his special subject, and of German literature generally, is beyond question.
Page 78 - But here is the finger of God, a flash of the will that can, Existent behind all laws, that made them and, lo, they are! And I know not if, save in this, such gift be allowed to man, That out of three sounds he frame, not a fourth sound, but a star.
Page 393 - Darwin's own books which has so thoroughly handled the matter treated by him, or has done so much to place in order and clearness the immense complexity of the factors of heredity, or, lastly, has brought to light so many new facts and considerations bearing on the subject.
Page 395 - Ibsen's chat alters speak and act as if they were hypnotised, and under their creator's imperious demand to reveal themselves. There never was such a mirror held up to nature before: it is too terrible. . . . Yet we must return to Ibsen, with his remorseless surgery...

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