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Page 154 - It is also agreed that if any servant run away from his master into any other of these confederated jurisdictions, that in such case, upon certificate of one magistrate in the jurisdiction out of which the said servant fled, or upon other due proof, the said servant shall be delivered either to his master or any other that pursues and brings such certificate or proof.
Page 528 - But (God help us!) whether we turn us for assistance to the north or to the south, to the east or to the west, 'tis all In vain! On all sides are we encompassed and hemmed In by our enemies.
Page 533 - If any inhabitant have a mind to remove himself he shall have a year and six weeks from this day to remove himself, wife, children, servants, goods, and to dispose of his lands here.
Page 343 - Indies , that, as she did not acknowledge the Spaniards to have any title, by donation of the bishop of Rome, so she knew no right they had to any places other than those they were in actual possession of; for that...
Page 343 - that she did not understand why either her subjects, or those of any other European prince, should be debarred from traffic in the Indies ; that as she did not acknowledge the Spaniards to have any title by donation of the Bishop of Rome, so she knew no right they had to any places other than those they were in actual possession of ; for that their having touched only here and there upon a coast, and given names to a few rivers or capes, were such insignificant things as could in no way entitle them...
Page 533 - All Ships from the Netherlands, or any other Place, and Goods therein, shall be received here, and sent hence, after the manner which formerly they were, before our coming hither, for six Months next ensuing.
Page 154 - And that upon the escape of any prisoner whatsoever, or fugitive for any criminal cause, whether breaking prison, or getting from the officer, or otherwise escaping, upon the certificate of two magistrates of the Jurisdiction out of which the escape is made, that he was a prisoner, or such an offender at the time of the escape, the magistrates, or some of them of that Jurisdiction where for the present the said prisoner or fugitive abideth, shall forthwith grant such a warrant as the case will bear,...
Page 534 - ... and then new ones to be chosen by themselves, provided that such new chosen magistrates shall take the oath of allegiance to his Majesty of England, before they enter upon their office.
Page 206 - Chamber, which declared that when its population and navigation "should become permanently established, when the ships of New Netherland ride on every part of the ocean, then numbers, now looking to that coast with eager eyes, will be allured to embark for your island.
Page 37 - and principally New Amsterdam, our capital and residence, might continue and increase in good order, justice, police, population, prosperity, and mutual harmony, and be provided •with strong fortifications, a church, a school, trading-place, harbor, and similar highly necessary public edifices and improvements...

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