The "Historia Brittonum" (Google eBook)

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J. and A. Arch, 1819 - Great Britain - 187 pages
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Page 22 - He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dung-hill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the Lord's, and he hath set the world upon them.
Page 3 - Gospel, count up as an hour each, the first age from Adam to Noah; the second, from Noah to Abraham; the third, from Abraham to David; the fourth, from David to the...
Page 34 - ... the castle. Vortigern, the daughter of Hengist, his other wives, and all the inhabitants, both men and women, miserably perished : such was the end of this unhappy king, as we find written in the life of St. Germanus. • § 48. Others assure us, that being hated by all the people of Britain, for having received the Saxons, and being publicly charged by St. Germanus and the clergy in the sight of God, he betook himself to flight ; and that, deserted and a wanderer, he sought a place of refuge,...
Page 29 - At length the red one, apparently the weaker of the two, recovering his strength, expelled the white one from the tent ; and the latter being pursued through the pool by the red one, disappeared. Then the boy, asking the wise men what was signified by this wonderful omen, and they expressing their ignorance, he said to the king, " I will now unfold to you the meaning of this mystery. The pool is the emblem of this world, and the tent that of your kingdom : the two serpents are two dragons ; the red...
Page 42 - Primary chief bard am I to Elphin, And my original country is the region of the summer stars ; Idno and Heinin called me Merddin, At length every king will call me Taliesin. I was with my Lord in the highest sphere, On the fall of Lucifer into the depth of hell : I have borne a banner before Alexander ; I know the names of the stars from north to south ; I have been...
Page 93 - Amitae meae luliae maternum genus ab regibus ortum, paternum cum diis inmortalibus coniunctum est. Nam ab Anco Marcio sunt Marcii Reges, quo nomine fuit mater ; a Venere lulii, cuius gentis familia est nostra. Est ergo in genere et sanctitas regum, qui plurimum inter homines . pollent, et caerimonia deorum, quorum ipsi in potestate sunt reges.
Page 36 - Then it was, that the magnanimous Arthur, with all the kings and military force of Britain, fought against the Saxons. And though there were many more noble than himself, yet he was twelve times chosen their commander, and was as often conqueror. The first battle in which he was engaged, was at the mouth of the river Gleni.
Page 40 - Ireland^ will be overflowed with water, seven years before the coming of our Lord to judge the quick and the dead, the crimes of the people might be washed away through his intercession, and their souls purified at the last day. He gave the people his benediction from the upper part of the mountain...
Page 37 - ... eleventh was on the mountain Breguoin, which we call Cat Bregion. The twelfth was a most severe contest, when Arthur penetrated to the hill of Badon. In this engagement, nine hundred and forty fell by his hand alone, no one but the Lord affording him assistance. In all these engagements the Britons were successful. For no strength can avail against the will of the Almighty.
Page 195 - An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon Copper and in Wood ; with an Account of Engravers and their Works, from the Invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the Time of Marc' Antonio Raimondi ; including Observations on some of the first Books ornamented with Wood-cuts.

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