One Nation Under God One Nation In Submission One Nation in Al-Islam: In God We Trust

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AuthorHouse, Jun 25, 2010 - Poetry
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This book is dedicated to those who have struggled for thousands of years trying to maintain their God given nature through freedom, justice and equality. Prophet Adam, Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad the last, and all the Prophets and messengers in between (may peace and blessing be upon them) If we are believers in the Prophethood we become sons and daughters within the Holy Family, those dedicated carriers of the Covenants of God under the banner of Freedom, Justice and Equality do so that we may inherit God's truth as he gave it, to protect us from lies, weak ideas and bad habits, both inside and outside of ourselves. The manipulators of our society are those human beings who take advantage of our weaknesses with structured programs. They are dummying us down getting God out the mind, to gain control over the masses. This article came to me by angelic forces. I was walking toward my back door and just as I was about to take a step up a section from the "FINAL CALL NEWSPAPER ''flew in front of me, landed upside the door. The wind holding it there, I pick it up and this is the article, satan himself; Mr. Berry Esq. Standing before the Virginia house of delegates January 20, 1832. He made it clear, how to manipulate slaves (a mass of people) he related, pass as severe laws as you will to keep these unfortunate creatures in ignorance (no God in the pledge, no moment of silence in schools, keep the ten commandments out of sight, Jesus is god etc.) it is vain, unless you can extinguish that spark of intellect which God has given them.. Sir! We have as far as possible, closed every avenue by which light (knowledge and understanding) might enter their minds. We have only to go one step further, to extinguish the capacity to see the light (of God's word) and our work will be completed. They would then be reduced to the level of the beast in the fields ( a menace to themselves and society) and if they continue along that line, black people (or the masses) will be in a condition that they could never come out of (that's what they think! Yes we can! With God's help). Comments in parenthesis by Imam John-Hassan Jor'dan / Ministry of Defense

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