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What to do when your dad is a crazy French prisoner? Go find him and bring him home of course! Dickens captures the turmoil of the times making our world seem just a little bit more normal than we thought we were.

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I have to say I'm slightly biased in my writing of this review, by virtue of the fact that I've always loved the writing style of Dickens. The style incorporates vivid imagery. As to the work itself, though it's rife with violence, as was the time, there are, as is usually the case in Dickens' novels lessons to be learned from every character, and the book is packed with some of the most beautiful and elloquent prose that I've read to date. 

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why is this book so stupd. i hate summer reading projects. summer is supposed to be fun.

Review: A Tale of Two Cities

User Review  - Mr. Matt - Goodreads

I had never read A Tale of Two Cities before. I tend to steer away from "Classics" and "Great Works of Fiction." They tended to disappoint me. The language was too formal for a reader who is used to ... Read full review

Review: A Tale of Two Cities

User Review  - midnightfaerie - Goodreads

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." Why have I always assumed that quote was from Shakespeare? I've ... Read full review


User Review  - Aman Joshi Joshi - Flipkart

A very good Novel...a book which everyone should read.! :) it is an awesome book...the print of the book is good and an awesome experience with flipkart ... i recieved the book in 2 days after ordering .!! :D Read full review

Nice Book

User Review  - Flipkart

if one wants to know what would have been the scene in France during French Revolution then this the perfect book for them....... Contains a lot of knowledge and info Good for readers of all age . Really nice book good book but has no pictures in it Read full review

Worth reading..

User Review  - Sanoop Valsan - Flipkart

A good story. Go for this book. Small fonts, but readable. Paper quality is not that bad. Again, great service from Flipkart. Read full review

Timeless narrator

User Review  - Sampath Raj - Flipkart

Personally I am nostalgic about this book. The tale of paris and london which are connected by the english channel is weaved so good and the way it depicts itself as the age of revival and destruction ... Read full review

Some pages missing

User Review  - Denny - Flipkart

Chapter 5 in the "first" book was entirely missing. I had to manage the continuity with the help of detailed summary at the end of the book. Read full review

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