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it is a bout about communism man you should read it because its about communism man so yeah just do it man cuz its about being a communist man like we should all be like that carl guy he knew what he wanted with working together you know man he was just all like friendly man and people hated him for it he really just wanted everyone to be friends man just to get along but i guess in our world thats impossible man cuz we are always looking for answers to the universe man but what happens when we find it all out what happens when we learn all the answers man will we live forever will we stop existing as a species did we invent ignorance so our curiosity wont destroy us a species but if we learn the answer to everything we will no longer be ignorant but if we are no longer ignorant do we have a purpose will we cease to exist or is ignorance just something we've invented to help with it all in the end it doesn't even matter man cuz we are just living here in the moment and what happens in the future doesn't concern us but does it we just live our lives full of ignorance so we don't drift away in the sea of knowledge but our curiosity pulls us out into that sea and our ignorance anchors us here in reality what if the reason we don't know any other sentient species in the cosmos is because they have all destroyed themselves with knowledge what if they sought the answer to everything and stopped existing because of it man in the end none of this really matters cuz we are just happy the way we are and we don't need the answers to live on cuz at the end of the day we're all the same and thats just what really matters man thats all that matters. 

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I have always wanted to read this book.In my native village we studied karl Marxxs communism monifesta.It was my bible that is why i appreciate this newly rendered edition of the communist manifesto. The communist manifesto is truly amazing many of you are blided by the illusions of a modern society, this is an excellent book if are able to understand the underlying intricacies.It is beginning to show the age of its ideas but nevertheless life goes on. This book may have been thoroughly entertaining. It may have touched my heart. This may have been the purest form of communism but is the heart of a true genius. When i was seven i picked bananas in Honduras for the general good of civilization and man kind. It was hard work and i was going crazy banana after banana. The introduction by Chris Harman Designed especially for newer audiences, this bombastic, very indifferently priced edition of Marx's amazing work, will never be an international best-seller, but may also features a new glossary explaining difficult terms to readers.Growing up in the northern peninsula of south Africa was tough. This book is very structured. Karl Marx was a genius. Long live the Queen. 

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Absolutely brilliant, and very applicable to modern day. I am personally furious that this work was twisted and perverted to create such atrocities as the USSR.

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This is amazingly persuasive. these men where very evil, but they could talk the tail off a fox. contrary to what one review said I read this book on a rainy day :0

Great treasure!

User Review  - Sreejit Datta - Flipkart

This edition includes a great introduction by Gareth Stedman Jones, which will be helpful in a number of ways for the understanding of this classic, its origin and meaning. Nice delivery work by Flipkart. Keep it up! Read full review

Socialist Manifesto!

User Review  - Mohit Mathur - Flipkart

It's All About International Politics, How Things Were Changing In Global Arena, Pen Became An Ultimate Weapon To Fight Against The Social Evils & Exploitation. Ultimately It Was Marx Who Discovered ... Read full review

Review: The Communist Manifesto

User Review  - John Hamill - Goodreads

I was surprised to find that there were some things here I agreed with - most notably the idea that every society has a system of suppressed v suppressors, and that the working class is exploited. I ... Read full review

work for all

User Review  - RAFIUL ISLAM - Flipkart

COMMUNIST MANIFESTO is the work against explotation, against every injustice, worte on the basis of a science, the science of history. Read full review

Review: The Communist Manifesto

User Review  - Jonfaith - Goodreads

It has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervor, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation. It has resolved personal worth into ... Read full review

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