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Wow. That is all I can say. Wow.
I cannot believe Google has not sued these people!
What a funny book. The searches the authors show, and the funny things they write are really good. They take an already funny Google search, then add their "whoogle" to it, and the result is a lot of laughs. There are no sacred cows here! Whooglemania. I need to find their website and see when their next book comes out. 

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I bought several copies of this book to sell in my clothing store, even though I am not a bookstore! I picked it up at Barnes and Noble, showed it to some people, and everyone thought it was hilarious. Looking at these Whoogles (what a perfect term for these things!) makes me laugh every time. The authors of this book are really funny. They can be so biting in their humor, and their tongue in cheek ones make me laugh the hardest. Buy Whoogles, you will not regret it.  

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I love humor books, but this one goes so far beyond the normal funny stuff. My boyfriend bought this for my online through the authors's website ( and gave it to me last week. I laughed so hard I could not believe it. The things people search for on Google! And, the term "whoogle" is perfect, because as I read through this book, then went to the website, I kept saying "Who Googles this stuff?" Seriously, who asks Google "Is poop flammable?" I strongly recommend Whoogles. 

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This is truly one of the funniest books I have ever read. The Google searches are hilarious, but the writing of the authors is sarcastic, sardonic and witty. I picked this up at Urban Outfitters and could not stop laughing. A hilarious book and, in my humble opinion, a great holiday gift. I am buying it as a stocking stuffer for all of my friends. 

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