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Definitely a classic and always will be a classic. And for good reason. As a sophomore in high school, this book did not keep my attention. As a college student, I enjoyed reading it way more.

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"The Great Gatsby" is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It takes place during the time period of the 1920s where everyone was trying to just get away with doing what they want and how they want it. This was the decline of the American Dream during that time. There were no social or moral values and there was a constant empty pursuit of pleasure. The major aim of this book is focused on the American Dream. Can you get what you want?
The main characters, Tom and Daisy, as well as George and Myrtle live in the Valley of Ashes. They have somewhat of a sad and pathetic life. They don't really love each other anymore. They are all having affairs and not being faithful to one another. George and Myrtle donít really have a way to get what they want. They are poor; their lives are at a dead end. It makes sense for the both of them to die because they donít really have anything to live for. Myrtle was not happy and George was not happy without Myrtle. Jay Gatsby, he couldnít ever get what he wanted because he was constantly striving to retrieve the impossible. He had this dream of being with Daisy who was already married to Tom. The idea that you are everything from your past made Gatsby go back and be with Daisy. She did love Tom at some point and had a child with him which you cannot take away. What Gatsby wanted her to say was that she never loved Tom and always wanted to be with him. But for all the bad things that Gatsby does, you still respect because he's a good person at heart .Even though Gatsby felt that he should have Daisy even though it was impossible for her to be with him, he never gave up on his dream. He confronted Tom and thought that he and Daisy can be together. Myrtle also couldn't ever get what she wanted from George or Tom because of the fact that they were both dysfunctional which led to the death of Myrtle.
The last line in the book mentions "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past". We learn that You canít go back and erase things. You have to deal with what you have now and become the best you can be.

Review: The Great Gatsby

User Review  - Lauren Hawkins - Goodreads

I'm giving this novel four stars based on plot, but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The resonance that it leaves is astounding when focusing on what the symbolism really means within ... Read full review

Review: The Great Gatsby

User Review  - Adele Emami - Goodreads

i was amazed and thrilled with the description and tone of Scott Fitzgerald's storytelling. i felt good reading it. i think that if i ever want my life to be told, I'd love Fitzgerald's pen! Read full review

Review: The Great Gatsby

User Review  - Nikayla Steinmetz - Goodreads

All I can say is Tom Buchanan is a dick. Read full review

Review: The Great Gatsby

User Review  - Suzanne Tanner - Goodreads

You can't take a course on the Twentieth Century American Novel and not read The Great Gatsby. I was hoping that this time around I'd like it a little bit more, understand more why everyone else in ... Read full review

Review: The Great Gatsby

User Review  - Nightingale_jt - Goodreads

A sad story about the decadence of the crazy 20's and the people who became rich very quickly. It's about the faÁade and the mask people create for others and how strong we can look on the outside while we are weak on the inside. It's a story about love, betrayal, friendship and death. Read full review

Review: The Great Gatsby

User Review  - Yunia Damayanti - Goodreads

The most tragic story that I have ever read. I watched the movie first and I already knew that Gatsby was murdered by George Wilson. But, when I read the book I felt so sad because Gatsby was so ... Read full review

Review: The Great Gatsby

User Review  - AriatheNerd - Goodreads

*Daisy you f*cking-gold-digging-whore!!* What the freakin hell? Why am I always so attracted to tragic love stories? Sigh. Maybe because mine is too.. Full review to follow. Read full review

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