Democracy and the Rule of Law

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Adam Przeworski, José María Maravall
Cambridge University Press, Jul 21, 2003 - Law - 321 pages
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This book addresses why governments sometimes follow the law and other times choose to evade the law. It interprets the rule of law as a strategic choice of actors with powerful interests, rather than as an exogenous constraint on politicians. The rule of law emerges when no one group is strong enough to dominate the others and when political actors seek to resolve their conflicts by recourse to law. Law is thus deeply rooted in politics. Conflicts between rule of majority and rule of law are simply conflicts in which actors use either votes or laws as their instruments of power.

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This is a well written, engaging book where the reader is introduced to various concepts of the rule of law. As one of the authors said, laws cannot "rule" because to rule needs action, and it is only humans who can act. Hence the term "rule of law" is a paradox.
The numerous examples provide sufficient explanation on how the rule of law can be molded to suit a ruler's goal.
The book is very insightful and filled with rich ideas. It is not stuffy at all because the language is simple and has none of the legalese found in some books on law.
It is quite a good read.

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About the author (2003)

Adam Przeworski is the Carroll and Milton Petrie Professor of Politics at New York University. Previously, he was the Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. He is the author of thirteen books and numerous articles. His recent publications include Democracy and Development, co-authored with Michael R. Alvarez, Jose Antonio Cheibub and Fernando Limongi (2000), Democracy and the Rule of Law, co-edited with Jose Maria Maravall (2003), and States and Markets (2003). He is the recipient of the 2001 Woodrow Wilson Prize.

Jose Maria Maravall is the Director of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Juan March Institute (Madrid). He is also a Professor of Sociology at the Universidad Complutense (Madrid), an Honorary Fellow of St. Antony's College (Oxford University), and a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy. He holds doctorates from the universities of Madrid and Oxford. He was a socialist member of Parliament and Minister of Education and Science from 1982 to 1988. His previous publications include Economic Reforms in New Democracies (1993); Regimes, Politics, and Markets (1997); and (with A. Przeworski) Democracy and the Rule of Law (2003).

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