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Review: Pericles

User Review  - Salvatore - Goodreads

There are pirates and a happy ending. What's not to love? By no means does this strive to be great theatre or great literature. Scenes are a little wobbly. But the narrative is interesting and ... Read full review

Review: Pericles

User Review  - Sarah - Goodreads

Thanks to the miracle of scenery, this Shakespeare play (I use the term loosely, as it seems he only wrote about the first nine scenes) is easily the most ridiculous of his works. It contains most of ... Read full review

Review: Pericles

User Review  - Candice - Goodreads

I'm just digging my teeth into this one.... So far, it's so much different than any other play I've read by Shakespeare. I haven't decided if that is a good thing or not, but it seems very mystical. Read full review

Review: Pericles

User Review  - Kersti - Goodreads

The mystery of authorship intrigues me about this play. It does not contain the beautiful ease of Shakespeare; it is awkward, clunky. But there are some flashes of incredible language. Worth exploring...because its rarely done on stage. Read full review

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