History of Scotland [to 1603]. (Google eBook)

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Page 294 - They were shown privately to the duke of Norfolk, the earl of Sussex, and sir Ralph Sadler, Elizabeth's commissioners at York.
Page 425 - DEMONSTRATES THE INTEREST WHICH THOSE IN HEAVEN FEEL IN EARTH, AND PROVES, WITH REMARKABLE CLEARNESS, THAT SUCH AN INTEREST EXISTS NOT ONLY WITH THE ALMIGHTY AND AMONG THE ANGELS, BUT ALSO AMONG THE SPIRITS OF DEPARTED FRIENDS. We unhesitatingly give our opinion that this volume is one of the most delightful productions of a religious character which has appeared for some time; and we would desire to see it pass into extensive circulation.' Glasgow Herald.
Page 230 - You know very well that the injury she has received is exceeding great, and her Majesty will never forget it....
Page 32 - Cassillis's place, and were as able to do his majesty good service there as he knovveth him to be, and thinketh a right good will in him to do it, he would surely do what he could for the execution of it, believing verily to do thereby not only an acceptable service to the king's majesty, but also a special benefit to the realm of Scotland, and would trust verily the king's majesty would consider his service in the same...
Page 186 - I see now well that you are weary of this company and treatment ; I sent for ' you to be merry, and to see how like a burgher's wife I live with my little troop...
Page 369 - His majesty' hath willed us to signify unto your lordship, that his highness, reputing the fact not meet to be set forward expressly by his majesty, will not seem to have to do in it ; and yet, not misliking the offer, thinketh good that Mr. Sadler...
Page 175 - Whensoever that the nobility of this realm shall consent that ye be subject to an unfaithful husband,* they do as much as in them lieth to renounce Christ, to banish his truth from them and to betray the freedom of this realm, and perchance shall, in the end, do small comfort to yourself.
Page 94 - The spirit and contents of the third letter of the Congregation may be divined from its extraordinary superscription. It was directed, " to the generation of Anti-Christ, the pestilent Prelates, and their shavelings within Scotland.
Page 220 - All was now uproar and confusion; and though Mary earnestly implored them to have mercy, they were deaf to her entreaties: the table and lights were thrown down, Riccio was stabbed by Douglas over the Queen's shoulder ; Car of Faudonside, one of the most ferocious of the conspirators, held a pistol to her breast, and...
Page 233 - Always we perceive him occupied and busy enough to have inquisition of our doings, which, God willing, shall always be such as none shall have occasion to be offended with them, or to report of us any ways but honourably ; howsoever he, his father and their folk speak, which we know want no good will to make us have ado, if their power were equivalent to their minds.

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