Double Entry

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A history of double-entry bookkeeping is not, at first thought, a likely subject for a riveting book. Yet that is what wordsmith Jane Gleeson-White gives us, by crafting a book that may be read two ways. For readers interested in modern accountancy she describes the ancient origins of the profession, its rapid ascendency during the Italian Renaissance and its transformation into the powerful ... Read full review

DOUBLE ENTRY: How the Merchants of Venice Created Modern Finance

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Gleeson-White (Australian Classics: 50 Great Writers and Their Celebration Works, 2007, etc.) finds the origins of double-entry bookkeeping in Renaissance mathematics and art.The author covers a broad historical sweep, from ancient Mesopotamia and Hammurabi's Code to the accounting disasters and financial collapses represented by Enron and the Royal Bank of Scotland, whose books were nowhere near ... Read full review

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