A new system of arithmetic and mathematics (Google eBook)

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Piercy and Reed, printers, 1845 - Arithmetic - 240 pages
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Page 28 - LIQUID MEASURE 4 gills (gi.) = 1 pint (pt.) 2 pints = 1 quart (qt...
Page 111 - CASE I. When it is required to find how many of the first sort of coin, weight or measure, mentioned in the question, are equal to a given quantity of the last.
Page 27 - TABLE. 10 Mills (m.) = 1 Cent . . ct. 10 Cents = 1 Dime . . d. 10 Dimes = 1 Dollar . $. 10 Dollars = 1 Eagle . E.
Page 15 - Place the subtrahend or less number, under the minuend or greater, and subtract units from units, tens from tens, and so on. If any figure of the subtrahend be greater than the corresponding one of the minuend, borrow ten...
Page 34 - RULE.* 1. Place the numbers so that those of the same denomination may stand directly under each other.
Page 99 - If 248 men, in 5 days of 11 hours each, dig a trench 230 yards long, 3 wide and 2 deep ; in how many days of 9 hours each, will 24 men dig a trench of 420 yards long, 5 wide and 3 deep ? Ans.
Page 234 - D then struck :} of what A and B last acquired, out of their hands ; they, with difficulty, recovered ^ of it in equal shares again, but the other three carried off J apiece of the same.
Page 98 - If 8 men can build a wall 20 feet long, 6 feet high and 4 feet thick, in 12 days ; in what time...
Page 123 - Multiply all the numerators together for a new numerator, and all the denominators together for a new denominator.
Page 29 - Minute, . 60 Minutes. ..." 1 Degree, ... " . 30 Degrees . . . . " 1 Sign, ... " s. 12 Signs, or 360 Degrees, the whole great Circle of the Zodiac.

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