Guns, ammunition, and tackle (Google eBook)

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The Macmillan Company, 1904 - Firearms - 440 pages
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Page 442 - With many illustrations by AB FROST and others. THE WATER-FOWL FAMILY By LEONARD C. SANFORD, LB BISHOP, and TS VAN DYKE. With many illustrations by LA FUERTES, AB FROST, and CL BULL. BASS, PIKE, PERCH, AND PICKEREL By JAMES A.
Page 33 - They are, under the point of view of religion and philosophy, wholly rotten, and from the sole of the foot to the crown of the head there is no soundness in them.
Page 442 - GAME FISHES OF THE UNITED STATES By CHARLES F. HOLDER. With many illustrations in color by CHARLES FW MIELATZ and others. MUSK-OX, BISON, SHEEP, AND GOAT By CASPAR WHITNEY, GEORGE BIRD GRINNELL, and OWEN WISTER. With many illustrations by CARL RUNGIUS and others.
Page 360 - Trout take artificial flies only because they in some sort resemble the natural flies which they are in the habit of seeing : if this be not so, and if colour is the only point of importance, why does not the " colourist " fish with a bunch of feathers tied on the hook " promiscuously " ? why adhere to the form of the natural fly at all ? Evidently because it is found, as a matter of fact, that such a bunch of feathers will not kill : in other words, because the fish do take the artificial for the...
Page 360 - ... take the artificial for the natural insect. If this be so, it follows that the more minutely the artificial imitates the natural fly, the better it will kill ; and also, by a legitimate deduction, that the imitation of the fly on the water at any given time is that which the fish will take best.
Page 327 - It is impossible to hold the arm perfectly still, but each time the line of sight is directed on the point of aim a slight additional pressure is applied to the trigger until the piece is finally discharged at one of the moments when the sights are correctly aligned upon the mark. When the soldier has become proficient in taking the proper position, the trigger squeeze should be executed at will. The instructor prefaces the preparatory command by "At will...
Page 389 - Close to the bottom, in the midst of the water, I fished for a salmon, and there I caught her. My plummet twelve inches, from the large hook Two lob-worms hanged equal, which she never forsook. Nor yet the great hook with the six-winged flye.
Page 317 - Mannlicher, Mauser, Mors. 6. Sights. In open sights, the notch of the rear sight must be as wide on top as at any part. Aperture or peep sights or any covered or shaded sights will not be allowed. The use of a notch for the front sight will not be permitted. Sights may be smoked or blackened if desired. Sights on military arms, if modified to suit individuals, must remain strictly open, strong and substantial, and suitable for military use. 7.
Page 235 - By turning the latter round to the right or to the left, as the case may be...

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