Ring frames: Cotton mules; Twisters; Spoolers; Beam warpers; Slashers; Chain warping (Google eBook)

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International Textbook Co., 1906 - Cotton manufacture
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Page 23 - Protect your own future by staying away from this theatre," "This theatre does not employ Union projectionists," and "Stay away from this theatre if you believe in Union working conditions," paraded in front of the theatre, walking separately, one going in one direction and the other in the opposite direction, the two meeting, usually, about opposite the middle of the front of the theatre. The conduct of the appellants was peaceable; there was no uproar or disturbance; no one was seen to be accosted;...
Page 5 - ... darning, staymaking, etc. The name is also applied to implements of iron or steel, bone, wood, etc.. used for interweaving or interlacing a thread or twine in knitting, netting, embroidery, jacquard loom weaving, etc., and formed in various ways, according to the purpose for which they are intended ; as also to sundry long and sharp-pointed surgical instruments, some employed for sewing, others for other purposes, as in operations for cataract. The small piece of steel pointed at both ends and...
Page 41 - The term gauge used in connection with spinning frames implies the distance from the center of one spindle to the center of the next spindle in the same row.
Page 18 - The rod g,, by means of a cam on the cylinder shaft, is moved first in one direction and then in the other, as shown by the arrows in Fig.
Page 33 - ... communication may be effected between the inside of the cylinder and the indicator. " The cylinder of the indicator is fastened upon a wooden or metal frame, more than twice its own length ; one end of a spiral steel spring, like that of a spring steel-yard, is attached to the upper part of the frame, and the other end of the spring is attached to the upper end of the piston-rod of the indicator. The spring is made of such a strength, that when the cylinder of the indicator is perfectly exhausted^...
Page 56 - After a lease / has been taken, the old warp is- cut out of the loom with a small piece of the woven cloth attached. This cloth is secured to a drum b, by means of pins ,; a ratchet ,? and pawl ,?, prevent this drum, from turning and slackening the warp while it is being twisted in.
Page 60 - It is customary to describe the gauge of the spindles, that is, the distance from the center of one spindle to the center of the next spindle in the same row, as so many inches; for instance, 6 inches, etc.
Page 20 - Figs. 3 and 12, are to keep the yarn under tension during winding and to guide it on to the spindles, in order to form cops of the required formation to stand handling, etc.
Page 6 - The tension on the springs d, may be increased or lessened by turning the hand wheel d,, so that the spaces between the wire teeth may be enlarged or reduced, and the fineness of the comb...

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